Follow the Money: The Addict Rate of Exchange

I wanted Bubbles to stay clean really badly, for personal reasons. Because I have too many friends who fight this disease on a daily basis. I know people who didn’t make it through Mardi Gras this year, who threw away months of hard-earned, clear-eyed sobriety, because during parade season they couldn’t see the harm in “just one beer after being good for so long” and by Mardi Gras day they were back to straight vodka in the morning, or smoking crack in a boarded up vacant in the flood zone, or methed to the tits and sucking cock for strangers in a gay bathhouse. I have a good friend, an alcoholic, who took his own life last month because he just couldn’t grasp how to live. It’s heartbreaking.

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I grinned from ear to ear the whole scene until I cried.

Fashion plates

OK, I know that nobody will believe it, but as a young consultant, I used to subscribe to GQ.  I wore double breasted Hugo Boss suits with Hermes ties and Bally shoes.  Now, my wardrobe consists mainly of hockey jerseys, hoodies, and Hawai’ian shirts with high tops.  I love tenure.

Anyway, I was reminiscing a bit when I saw this month’s Men’s Vogue.  Sho nuff, an article about The Wire.  Don’t read the article because a) it doesn’t have that much news but b) it does have spoilers. 

However, there is a nice pictorial, with Mr. McNulty, Bubbles, and Omar.  Something about seeing Bubbles in a $1200 coat over a $3800 suit that is a bit unsettling.  Not as unsettling as seeing how damn good Omar looks.  He makes that purple scarf work, baby.