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The final scene you never saw.

H/T Jim King


Blue tops! Blue tops! Got that Season 4!

Quote from a teacher friend who was HBO-less during seasons 3 and 4 and is Netflixing her way through them:

“I administered a test today, kinda sorta fucked up the review on another, can’t wait to go home and watch some Wire.”

Buncha dope fiends, all of us. It’s like Season 5 is just the testers to get the fiends on the edge back out to the corners to suck up the good shit, the DVD product.

Hey Ashley, you and I, we go crawl under Chris Rose’s house while he’s at work and strip out all the copper piping, we’ll go up to Best Buy and split a box of Season 2. He won’t mind, it’ll give him something to write about on the state of the city post-K.

[WARNING: Comments contain minor spoilers]

4 in 4

Every plan a weak link…

My other favorite comedy moment.

This bar scene, the last minute where the broke cops plan to rob a liquor store to pay their bar tab. I left the first 45 seconds in to give a complete scene, and we get listen to Mcnulty call everyone liars.

“Who’s gonna be our wheelman?”

Every plan a weak link.