Let’s shake out the dust, folks

A week few days out from the show premiere, time to start moving, I guess.

Starting up this blog last winter about the final season of a show that was a known entity and a shared obsession was a very different prospect than now. Partly because it’s summer, partly because I can’t fix this fucking italics issue on this fucking template that changes from one day to the next, and it makes my head hurt.  Partly because I hate this war, that we are still mired in it years later, and I don’t know how to scale that huge thing down and just focus on this one narrative about just one part.

And partly because of Ashley.

And partly because, well, this isn’t The Wire. Wait, did I say that already?

It’s not that I’m not excited about GK, but just don’t know what to say ahead of time, other than if it just follows the book, it will be damn good. Of course, this is Simon and crew so I think we can expect more than just damn good.

What say you? Might be a good use of our time to kick around some expectations, posters and commenters alike.

And alli has to write her first post.  No pressure though…

Annnnd oh yeah, found a leaked scene on YouTube, a first look at the considerable vagaries of RoEs encountered as the troops move farther incountry.

SO SPOILERS HO. Minor, but don’t go forward if you want to remain clean, dry, and unwrinkled.

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A Lie Agreed Upon

Spoilers for the latest, beneath.

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SPOILED FISH: Proceed at your own risk.

Do not read unless you want to be spoiled.

ALL spoilers go in the spoiler thread.

Below this cut lie spoilers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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