Let’s do some real police work

And let’s do it by trying to see what the titles of the episodes can tell us.

The last couple of episodes have the titles The Dickensian Aspect and Took.  It’s obvious where the former came from, and the latter, well, that kind of makes sense as well.  Without looking at anything but the titles of the upcoming episodes, let’s see if we can make some kind of sense about where the crew is going in the final 3 episodes.

Clarifications, Late Editions, and -30- are the names of the last 3. 

I don’t really know about Clarifications, but Late Editions could have a big double-entendre going on.  There will be blood.

But I’m just stumped on -30-.  Wait, Wikipedia to the rescue.

“–30–” is a journalistic term that has been used to signify “the end” or “over and out” since the Civil War when telegraphers tapped “XXX” to end transmissions (“XXX” being the Roman numeral for 30).

Well, so much for that.  WPedia also said that the last episode is 93 minutes long.


Police work … whaddya know?

“They don’t teach it in law school.”

Epigraph for Episode 57, Took.

Discuss first impressions, speculation, etc. Spoilers must be flagged.

“we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way”

[I know 56 -The Dickensian Aspect is old news but I need to get rid of this post that’s been rattling around in my head, that I threw away more than once but still won’t leave me alone.]

The first thing we see at the beginning of the teaser is exactly what we do expect and want least to see: a body.

The thing is, it should not be coming from inside the condo, from upstairs. There should be a body right there in front of us already, and it should be Omar’s.


One, two, three different characters, plus the camera itself, do the double take: up, then down. We almost expect the camera to shake its lens in bewilderment.


“It don’t seem possible.”

“It don’t.”

Indeed, this is some Spiderman shit.

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#5 Lake Trout Special: Price is going up edition

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Rules. Follow them.

Friday open thread. Yammering and mouthing off encouraged, likely even rewarded.

Omar and Marlo: Two men enter …

Pick the correct two outcomes below:

A. Omar (himself) kills Marlo

B. Marlo (himself) kills Omar

C. Someone else kills Marlo

D. Someone else kills Omar

E. Marlo survives

F. Omar survives

Political crack/Wire mashup: Pick a Wire character that best corresponds to a political player. Extra points for creative use of photos and/or quotes

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Yeah, there’s a lot of them, but I’m interested in how the downfall of Marlo plays out.

1) They turn up enough stuff on the wire and such to make a big ass case against Marlo, and the “homeless” serial killer goes away

2) They can’t do diddley against Marlo, and the serial killer case bites them all on the ass

3) Omar gets to Marlo first.

I really want to see what happens if Omar gets to Marlo first. What the hell does Lester do then?

[WARNING:  Possible spoilers in comments below]

#4 Lake Trout Special, Carry Out edition: Open Thread

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You guys got this down by now.

Friday open thread. Yammering and mouthing off encouraged, likely even rewarded.

Here’s a thought. We talked about dead vs. surviving already, but tell us what would surprise you most if it happened.

McNulty climbing back onboard the wagon, Marlo going legit, Omar going back to Puerto Rico, taking Rawls with him…

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Simon, New Orleans, and the Davis Rogan connection

First, to set the stage, the standard NuPac head shot. Davis Rogan, Ben Franklin High School yearbook, 1982:


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