At the end, let’s visit the beginning

The opening scene of the series.  RIP, Snot Boogie


How It Works

I’ve been working my way through Season 1 on DVD the past couple of days (thanks for the loaner Ashley) and I’ve been realizing something: when The Wire first debuted, I was still a raging alcoholic. Some of this stuff I feel like I’m seeing for the first time. Some random things that might be old news to you normies:

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The Bunk and McNutty: The way they were.

Looking ahead to Season 5, with what we know about McNulty’s fall from grace, one has to wonder if this relationship is going to make it, because as we know, “A man must have a code.” Bunk does, but what about Jimmy?

We first hear that phrase, spoken by Bunk to Omar, in Season 1, episode 7, One Arrest, which also features this classic interchange: