So was “The Wire” a Black show?

The Wire was probably the most successful show ever on television with a predominantly Black cast. But wait. Before anyone pats themselves on the back, what other shows have had a predmoninatly Black cast?

David Mills goes throught quite a few, but his list ends in 1984. Since then, we’ve had ROC, Cosby spinoffs, Martin, Everybody Hates Chris, and…well…that’s about it except for the WB and UPN.
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Fashion plates

OK, I know that nobody will believe it, but as a young consultant, I used to subscribe to GQ.  I wore double breasted Hugo Boss suits with Hermes ties and Bally shoes.  Now, my wardrobe consists mainly of hockey jerseys, hoodies, and Hawai’ian shirts with high tops.  I love tenure.

Anyway, I was reminiscing a bit when I saw this month’s Men’s Vogue.  Sho nuff, an article about The Wire.  Don’t read the article because a) it doesn’t have that much news but b) it does have spoilers. 

However, there is a nice pictorial, with Mr. McNulty, Bubbles, and Omar.  Something about seeing Bubbles in a $1200 coat over a $3800 suit that is a bit unsettling.  Not as unsettling as seeing how damn good Omar looks.  He makes that purple scarf work, baby.

Gus, Omar on NPR’s Fresh Air

Spurred by this comment to Nancy’s newest post, I dug up the recent Terry Gross interviews of Clark Johnson (Gus) on 1/21/08 and Michael K. Williams (Omar) on 1/22/08. I enjoyed them both immensely.

I might also add that these Fresh Air shows (and other NPR offerings) are available as free podcasts on iTunes.

Why Lester, why?

Goddamn. I knew something was up with Lester, but I didn’t think it would be… this. Or this soon. Lester is jumping on board with Jimmy’s plan to create a serial killer. Damn, Lester. Why did you do it?

Allow me to get started on the overanalysis.


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Great Expectations

To fully understand The Wire, I think you have to go way back. Back to Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. Back to The Corner.

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We just hit the accelerator

No spoilers, FWIW.

Episode one a little slow for you? They usually are — Simon and Burns ease you into the season that way. Episode two? Well, that was full of all the setups.

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Riffing a bit from the comments in Ashley’s post below on actors. From the Speechless Hollywood campaign in support of the WGA strike, here’s our Beadie, the gifted Amy Ryan, with the always-wonderful Patricia Clarkson: