A little estrogen.

This was the week that Iceman met Riverbend and Chaffin and that other whiskey tango piece of shit met an actual female soldier. “Concertina bush” — jeez, what a pig. I was so repulsed by that, not the least by the writer’s co-yuks with his new homies. Seeing as how this is an all-girl blog, anyone want to take that one on?



  1. My thoughts pretty much exactly NN. For once I was glad to see Sixta.

    I have thought back to Riverbend a couple times during this show.

  2. Seeing as how this is an all-girl blog

    Ahem. I am coming back, you know, as soon as I take care of some shit.

    Haven’t had HBO in several weeks, but I’ll get caught up this weekend.

  3. Ray, you’re more than a woman to me

    (in honor of Ice Man’s love of the pop)

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