David Simon’s ‘Treme’ pilot set to be filmed!

From NOLA.com:

“Treme,” named after the iconic New Orleans neighborhood where many musicians live, will marry one of television’s most prestigious networks with creator David Simon, one of television’s hottest series masterminds.

Simon created HBO’s the “The Wire,” which just completed a five-year run. While not a huge ratings success for the network, “The Wire” was one of the most critically acclaimed shows in television history.

Simon confirmed that HBO will film the first episode of “Treme,” possibly sometime later this year. If HBO gives the green light for more episodes, production would resume in 2009.


UPDATE: Simon says Bunk’s in.



  1. And with this news, the “New Orleans” category is finally added. Also “Treme” because there will be more news of the show, and also “alli,” which I should have already done.

    alli, use the “alli” category tag on all your posts. That way someone can click on it in the category cloud and find all of your stuff at one time.

    also, fyi, you can add new categories when creating posts, if necessary.

  2. Thanks for cleaning up my tags! 🙂 I tried to create a category when I did the other post, but I did not have ‘permission.’ Excuses, excuses…

  3. I have been a huge fan of David Simon and Barry Levinson since the earliest days of Homicide. I miss those characters – they were so human and so real. Loved the intensity and grittiness of The Wire. Couldn’t believe those were actors and not realy street kids. Can’t wait to see what Simon does with Tremé. No doubt he’ll have a lot of material to work with. Kudos – best wishes.

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