GK appetizers and previews

HBO starts rotating Making Generation Kill, a behind-the-scenes short this coming week.

In addition, there’s a new interactive feature (at least I had not seen it before) up on the HBO GK site. Gear Up, detailing the 150+ pounds of gear that the typical Marine has to lug around strapped to his body.




  1. David Simon and Evan Wright on NPR yresterday…


  2. Are those of us without HBO just slap outa luck until it comes out on DVD? Will the show be available on any other venue….YouTube, HBO online, anything?

  3. Check iTunes – I”m not sure if HBO puts its shows up for download there but that may be one option.

  4. iTunes has Wire seasons 1 and 2. HBO recently added some shows to iTunes, including SATC, Deadwood, the Sopranos, Flight of the Conchords, and the Wire.

  5. Thanks alli.

    You know, we are all waiting for you to really let loose with something. You’re the new kid.

    No pressure or anything……


  6. Alright, I’m the new kid here. I must watch TV?

    Okay… Ashley liked “The Wire”, and I guess I need to see this series. We have HBO and a DVR, In fact we have a external HD to download to. (bring your own DVD please.)

  7. Yeah, I gotta write something, you’re totally right 🙂

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