Simon’s tribute to Ashley: video now up

The video from the DePaul University College of Communication commencement has been posted. David Simon’s introduction and remarks start at about the 27 minute mark.

Thanks again to Jim King for keeping on top of this for us.

More about Simon’s decision to speak at the ceremony here and here.



  1. […] Simon’s commencement tribute to Ashley Morris. […]

  2. “This is somebody who lived in other peoples’ shoes at every moment when he was writing, and to me that’s the highest calling a writer can have, and I’m very proud to do this for him.”

    –David Simon

    It perfectly fits with David Simon’s often-verbalized pledge for his own writing to write for the subject of the piece and to “get it right” for them, not the reader.

  3. Wow. Advocating for anger, Ashley style. What a beautiful tribute.

  4. Goddammit. Here I go again.

    Thanks, David. That was perfect.

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