Open thread for Ashley

I’m sorry to have to break such bad news: We just found out that Ashley died this morning.

From his blog tonight:

This is Hana, Ashley’s wife. I am sorry to tell you but Ashley passed away this morning, Wed. April 2, 2002 in Florida.

Everybody who loved him and whom he made laugh, please pray for him and his children.

Things are going to be a little crazy now as I have no fucking idea what to do. Pardon the profanity but I guess you must be used to it from here.

I will post again the funeral arrangements and such.

I never got to meet Ashley in person but he was as wide open and helpful as an old friend about working on this blog from the minute he answered my first email. He admired, appreciated, and championed The Wire and all of David Simon’s work to such an extent that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt he wouldn’t mind it being brought up at such a time as this. It was never just about a television show, and Ashley knew that, knew it was a part of the story of America, that we needed to see it, to know it and not look away, before it was too late.

Damn it, I downloaded some vintage NOLA funk the other day by Eddie Bo and The Soul and I couldn’t wait to listen to the whole album, then email Ashley about it to see if he knew it.

This place is way too quiet now.