I’m going slightly mad

OK, stay with me on this one.  

After Generation Kill, David Simon should get the green light to film his series for HBO in New Orleans.

When he’s done with that, his experience with all the nuances of New Orleans will give him the knowledge he needs for his next challenge.  

Yes, it will be a challenge.  His first comedy.  A comedy, a tragicomedy, a Falstaffian corker of a novel adaptation.  The book that defines New Orleans.

David Simon should write, produce and direct John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces.

With me in the lead.  OK, I’d settle for Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I want a screen test, dammit. 

Confederacy has been optioned and passed around for years, but it will take a person who really knows New Orleans to get it right.  Simon respects New Orleans, and after doing his HBO series, he’ll know New Orleans so well he’ll be able to do this work justice.  He’s the only guy that gets every single one of the little things right, and in this book, that’s really important.

And if he does it on HBO, it wouldn’t have to be under 112 minutes long. 



  1. I’m with you, bro. That would be wonderful. I’d quit my job and move to NOLA to be a gofer on that project.

    I could swear I read something about Hoffman optioning Confederacy or being involved in one of the option projects?

    But hey dude, you’ve got that valuable porn experience- maybe YOU could do it?

    : )

  2. PSH would have been brilliant. So would the Perfesser.

    The last time Dunces showed up in IMDB, it had Drew Barrymore and Will Farrell starring, but that entry is gone, so I guess whoever was driving that venture has pulled the plug.

    I predict that the film will never be made.

    Simon’s series is going to be focusing on musicians. You think he’s gonna get enough grounding in Y’at culture to be able to pull off Ignatius? I don’t know. He’s going to mostly be in a parallel New Orleans. Post-Katrina musician’s lives don’t teach you much about the 1960s pre-integration, pre-tourist, white Uptown Y’at (yeah, there used to be Y’at’s Uptown, dawlin) New Orleans, even if the green streetcars are back on Canal Street.

    Just finding a warehouse set in the Warehouse District that hasn’t gone condo will be a trick. He’ll have to film those scenes in Baltimore.

  3. dude, you have sooo harshed the perfesser’s mellow. You know we’re all fragile right now- it’s just been a week today, dude.

  4. The Perfesser is likely out at Taylor Playground right now chomping a Cubano with a ass-pocket of Jameson, watching the Uptown Indians parade before St. Joseph’s Night. Nothing could harsh that. I wish I was well enough to be there.

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