#9 Lake Trout Special: Going Out of Business Sale


Last open thread. Anyone got anything left?








  1. Damn. Seems like we just started. We could just BS our way until Generation Kill comes along.


    We want it to be one way, and it’s the other way.

  2. Oh, in case you missed it, Mr. Simon has a final word of thanks.

  3. From the link Ashley kindly provided –

    But nothing happens unless the shit is stirred. That, for us, was job one.

    I think the NuPac people will agree. Our shit has been officially stirred.

  4. Pimpin’ out Jim King: here’s an interview he did wif Mr. Simon. Really good stuff, and thanks to Jim for keeping his links page going for not only the entire run of The Wire, but for H:LOTS as well.

  5. feels like i”ve turned on the baltimore radio station but all i get is static – guess i’m not in baltimore anymore

  6. If Simon’s finale letter got me simultaneously fired up and ever-so-slightly misty-eyed, does that mean I am a *total* sap?

    I was planning to cancel our HBO service after the season ended. Anybody know enough about Generation Kill to convince me otherwise? (Sheer inertia is doing a pretty good job on its own…)

  7. Ashley, the site will still be here, I wasn’t planning on turning anything off and I assumed we had a few more dribs and drabs of post finale news.

    I also was thinking we could “re-purpose” the thing a little as we got close to June and if people wanted to, we might could round up a few folks to blog on Generation Kill. I know I’d like to. Maybe this time we could get Scout to play…

    So ….

    BTW, I read that Simon piece a few days ago. I heard a lot of reverberation between his questions and a lot of the posts here. So, Racy, I agree. Shit stirred indeed.

    michaela, surrender to the HBO! Tell me you aren’t going to watch GK…

    nicole, I feel the same way.

  8. Were you guys ever thinking about killing time, until GK arrives, by watching and commenting on Season One?

  9. I’ve still got some half-formed posts in my head that I didn’t have time to get in during the week they would have been most relevant, but I think I will try to some written anyway.

    I’m also just starting Season 3 on DVD so maybe something from that.

  10. Love the Survivor: West Bwalmer Edition…

    I hope this site does indeed continue. I know my own Wire blog is just ramping up, after getting a late start in the Wire blogging game. Discussing stuff long after its happened… I guess that’s just how historians roll. I definitely plan on watching and commenting on the various seasons (still planning a sixty episodes in 60 days recap over the summer). I would love to hear what all of you smart people say about it as well. Then there’s GK, which I can only assume would be worth watching, but who knows.

    If this does turn out to be an open thread finale- Thanks for all your tireless efforts at analyzing the wire… because I believe its cultural production that does deserve the time you put into it and you bring so many different skills to the table.

  11. Well, we can hold out hope for the spinoffs:

  12. Thanks, Steve. Chuckle worthy indeed.

    … Charles the Slim, heh.

  13. Only after the series is over do I discover this blog. Im spreading the word of the wire over here in Europe.. its an uphill battle. Meantime.. Ill be reading this blog.. in reverse.. back to the beginning.. reliving the glory.

  14. Never too late, bmark, and welcome. As discussed above, we will be sputtering a bit here and there between now and the start of Generation Kill, so stay tuned.

  15. I just finished The Corner and have been googling people from the book to find out where they are now. Everybody knows that Fran Boyd married the real-life guy that Omar is based on (who now does gang outreach).

    But if you’ve got Season 2 and 3 fresh in your mind, that was DeAndre McCullough playing Brother Mouzone’s assistant muscle who is always being hassled to get him the new issue of Harper’s. And George “Blue” Epps is one of the guys sitting at Butchie’s bar arguing about port vs. sherry.


    I love old ex-addicts the way I love old gay men who came of age in the 70’s and 80’s. They’re like Holocaust survivors to me.

    So, different question….Simon didn’t write Generation Kill. So are you going to read the book before the show comes out (or have you read it), or do you want Simon’s version to be the first to imprint your brain? As a general rule, the book is usually better than the movie, but I enjoyed Ambrose’s Band of Brothers more after having seen the miniseries first.

    And it’s not like I don’t already have a pile of thirty to-be-reads that I’ve already bought.

  16. I love old ex-addicts the way I love old gay men who came of age in the 70’s and 80’s. They’re like Holocaust survivors to me.

    Sadly, there are way too few gay men who came of age in that era that survived.

    Re old addicts, the ex is a social worker who specializes in working with IVDU’s (intravenous drug users) and she had a friend in NY who was a peer counselor and who was a former addict. Hard core, lived on the streets, shared needles, the whole nine yards. This woman used to tell a story about getting mugged by two crackheads. After they beat her up and took her money, she got up and chased them down — and asked where they were going to score because she needed to get high too.

    Of course, when this woman told the story in group of social workers and other peer counselors, it was greeted with laugher and/or met with a “you think that’s bad, listen to this….” response.

    That’s one of those old junkie and/or social worker stories that only a select few can appreciate.

  17. Ray, check out my Great Expectations post. I’ve done a bit of Where are they Now stuff. Also, you’ll see why I was so down on Bubbles making it out, because there seemed to be a lot of Gary in that character.

    Unfortunately we didn’t see Mouzone, and thus DeAndre, after season 3. I hope DeAndre is fighting the good fight.

    And yeah, I’m gonna read the book first. I feel that David would want it that way. At least, the Wire was so much better because I read H:AYOTKS and The Corner first.

  18. oh, he’s DAVID now?….

  19. Just got done watching Flags of Our Fathers. Apparently now I’m supposed to like Templeton and dislike Frank Sabotka?

    Sorry, these Wire characters are too indelibly stamped on the actors.

  20. Yeah, me and Dave are tight. (rolls eyes)

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