Who got the last word?


Omar: “Marlo Stanfield is not a man for this town.”


Marlo: “Do you know who I am?”



  1. If you have to ask, you have already lost….

  2. Don’t be such a hater, woman!

    It’s one of them ree-tor-i-cal questions.

    I just wanted to contrast the two pictures, which speak for themselves.

  3. No, I meant about Marlo saying “Do you know who I am?” , not the title. Sorry.

  4. No, I meant about Marlo saying “Do you know who I am?”

    yeah, indeed.

    he didn’t get to wear that crown long.

  5. Hint: it isn’t Cheese.

  6. this goes back to a lot of the differences in philosophies between avon and stringer and whether you could make it on the street versus the business wolrd and having one’s name ring out.

    omar showed he was hard enough for the streets.

    all in all marlo didn’t – could he have if he was told omar was calling him out?

    yeah, basically all cheese ever really was – was someone powerful’s sister’s boy

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