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Damn, I miss you guys, I have had a busy period.

I loved the ending. I like the way Simon finished his story

For all of our speculation about who was going to die by the end of the show, there was relatively little blood spilled. And even knowing the substance of the show, knowing people get killed, the bullet-to-the-head scenes over the last few episodes absolutely moved me to my core, they were so fucking perfect.

How is it that the final scenes of Prop Joe, Omar, and Snoop, on a show like The Wire, still manage to be so damn powerful? It doesn’t get any better than this.

If David Simon said at the meeting for the final episode, “We are going to kill one person. Who should it be and why? “, this show is what we should have gotten. I love this proposition, and I love that the answer was “Cheese gets it for doing Joe.” We had typical, predictable reasons for the deaths of any gangster or cop in our loveable lineup. Cheese spilled his own bloodline and by any code of any gangster, cop, thief, hopper, po-po or trickster god, that shit is going to take you down. Period. So I say, ” well played.”

More later…



  1. “This sentimental motherfucka just cost us money.”

    Probably my favorite line of the episode.

    Come back to the five and dime, RM.

  2. Come back to the five and dime, RM.

    As soon as I am finished laughing.

  3. Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean, you come back to the five and dime, too.


  4. “This sentimental motherfucka just cost us money.”

    Note the extreme compassion the co-op all showed for Cheese.

    My guess is that Slim Charles is running the show until Avon gets out. Then it’s same as it ever was…

  5. I think Marlo’s ending was the best. He’s as good as dead now that he’s such a liability to the Co-op.

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