Save Our Sun

Anybody else notice who had the cubicle across from Fletcher?



  1. I did!!! I stopped Tivo and made the people watch it again. David Simon!
    What do I win?

  2. Didn’t you already win, Spocko?

  3. Yup twas Perfesser Simon.

  4. Sitting behind the “Save the Sun” sign, wasn’t he?

    In season two, I also spotted him yelling questions at Frank Sabotka during his perp walk in front of the media, note pad in hand.

    Stuck in Austin so I can’t watch the show again til I get back to my DVR next weekend. Oh well. I’m deep into The Corner (the book) and have both the book and the DVDs of Homicide which I’ve never seen, so I’ve got a lot of “new to me” Simon stuff to keep me occupied until this summer.

    Plus a new season of Top Chef! Weee! If only I didn’t have pesky job and children and whatnot.

  5. Speaking of Generation Kill, did anybody else notice who was driving that Humvee across the desert? Ziggy Sabotka! I wonder if he ends up doing the “Look ma! No hands!” bit.

  6. Save the Sun?

    Honky, please…

  7. Yeah, yeah, so I’m in a hotel and not all tricked out to do Tivo screencaps, OK?

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