Let’s go home

“… the life of kings.”
-H. L. Mencken
Epigraph for Episode 60, -30-.
Discuss, if you wish.


  1. All in all, I think it was the best ending anybody could have hoped for. I’m content.

  2. I don’t know yet. I tried to just let it wash over me without trying to make sense of it.

  3. Marlo said “and give up the crown” when levy passed along the deal.

  4. My dvr shut off early- it didn’t get the scene with Phelan and Sydnor and I couldn’t make sense of it. What happened there?

  5. Sydnor is the new McNulty. Giving a fuck when it ain’t his turn to give a fuck.

  6. I’ll be damned, VT. You’re watching the replay.

  7. It was perfect. Up there with MASH and Six Feet Under in how to end a series.

  8. I posted this below, but it seems appropriate here:

    There was no other way to end The Wire than to show us that even though the arc of all the characters we know and love might end, the arc of the city will forever continue.

    And what a love letter to the city!

  9. I’ve enjoyed following the commentary here; didn’t have much to contribute, but it was fun following the interactions and the links to other materials.

    I never would have thought that a TV series would leave an empty space but it is going to be several weeks before I breeze through Sunday evenings without that ‘somethings missing’ feeling. But I’m in Minnesota and soon it will be warm again. With daylight savings time, there will be lots to do before dark.


  10. So Nance, and the rest of you j-school types. How do you feel about Templeton winning that Pulitzer?

  11. I’ll just be over here, fantasizing about kicking Templeton SO HARD IN THE BALLS.

    You know why Gus stayed? Because he can’t be anywhere else. It’s a fucking sickness, that business, and it gave me every gray hair I have, and did untold damage to my life and my friendships and my fucking liver, and there’s not a day goes by that I’m out of it that I don’t wonder.

    Not did I do the right thing, leaving. I know I did the right thing leaving. But whether I’ll ever fit that well, anywhere else. Gus. Alma. The crabby-ass copyeditors. The TV showing something you were supposed to be at only if you’d just known about it, so you grab your shit and you scurry. I do NOT miss being woken up at 3 a.m. on a Sunday; how could I? But I miss getting in on Sunday afternoon, coffee, half a sandwich from the Arby’s right off the freeway, and yakking with the photo guys for an hour and then getting down to work.

    I wonder if gangsters watch this show and feel the same way.


  12. Mr. Freakonomics supposedly has some info about gangsters watching the wire, but the one guy I know in the trade said that he quit watching it because the fatalism of it made him want to quit slinging. If he’s not watching the show, he can convince himself that he’s bulletproof; if he watches it, he sees the truth, that one day he will fall.

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