Let the bodies hit the floor

Were we wrong, or what? 

The only guy that got bagged was Cheese (Thank you Slim Charles), Michael is the new Omar, Dukie is the new Bubbles, Rhonda is the new Gary, Chris is the new Wee-Bey, Bubbles got to come upstairs (Amen!), and everybody on the side of the law covered their asses most well.

Valchek? I’m glad I wasn’t in the writers’ room when that particular character arc went down. But, with the writers knowing BPD like they do, it makes sense.

As far as wagering, Ray and I have a push: Bubbles stayed clean (Ray won that one), and Lester stayed alive (I got that one). So no dances at She-She’s, no Jameson. I’m glad I lost the Bubbles bet, and I’m real glad he got to go upstairs.

Who knew that the whole serial killer plot would turn into Fail-Safe?

In any case, this was as close as it could possibly come to a feel-good ending, although Bawlmer looks exactly the same as it did 5 seasons ago: only the names have changed.



  1. Oh, and Sydnor is the New McNulty.

  2. “Larry, let’s go home.”

    There was no other way to end The Wire than to show us that even though the arc of all the characters we know and love might end, the arc of the city will forever continue.

  3. The greatest show in the history of television went out not with a bloodbath, but with corruption all the way around. The institutions won over the individuals, and life goes on, same as it ever was.

  4. The institutions won over the individuals, and life goes on, same as it ever was.

    but you gotta keep the devil down in the hole

  5. The NY Times weighs in. It’s worth going there simply to save the graphic.

  6. A push? Nah, we pay up. I stand you a round of Jameson’s while I get boobs in the face. Seems more fitting.

    I had a conversation with Hiromi over the weekend about what Michael’s fate might be…death, or in the Game? She thought he could rise to take Marlo’s place, but I argued that he still had too much heart, too many moral qualms to make the “just business” decisions that an Avon or Stringer or Marlo had to make. But that he would make an awesome stickup man, because he’s got the street skills and street smarts, and this leaves him free to live by his own code (a man’s got to have a code) and still be in the Game.

    I know that in the real world, wishing that a bright kid grows up to be a stickup man is a dreadful idea, but in the context of the show, I have to admit I was almost happy seeing Michael as the new Omar.

  7. For context on Michael’s trip to becoming Omar, check out the HBO Prequel: Young Omar 1985.

    Michael and Omar both had codes. Hoodies are the new Dusters.

    Now, find out if they serve Jameson’s at She-She’s.

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