HBO has crack

There are some very entertaining wastes of time over on the HBO site. Check out the eye candy at The Wire Season 5 NY Premiere. We’ve seen some of these before, but there are a few new pictures, including a dearly departed character.  It’s a slideshow so be sure and hit “Next.” These folks sure do clean up good.

There’s also a blurb about Steve Earle and “Down in the Hole” but I have to say that Blake Leyh’s claim that Earle has never recorded a cover of someone else’s song is pure crap.

Finally, there’s a ‘The Wire’ Public Record last ditch marketing ploy tribute.



  1. I read something else about the premiere that delights me beyond all measure:

    It’s horribly unfair to mix up actors and their characters, but the image of John Doman and Frankie Faison cutting loose on the dance floor is way, way weirder than anything I could ever hope to draw.

  2. and Wallace! with a little mustache!

  3. Steve Earle’s version of that song is nothing short of dreadful. I woukld have to change the channel during the opening credits.

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