At the end, let’s visit the beginning

The opening scene of the series.  RIP, Snot Boogie



  1. Huh. Dominic West’s accent was different then.

  2. We watched this whole ep before starting the finale. It’s amazing how much they crammed into that first episode. No wonder it took us so long to figure out who was whom….

  3. Reading “Homicide” and “The Corner” gave me such a huge head start…

  4. the three little girls watching, as well as some stuff from the Season 1 opening credit sequence were in last night’s closing montage. Probably other recycling too that I haven’t caught yet. I noticed those because I had just watched this clip as well as all the opening credit sequences yesterday.

  5. Everytime I see that opening scene I am reminded of Dominic West explaining in one of those 30 minute HBO documentaries about how he couldn’t pronounce Snot Boogie. He’d say it twice, both identical, both with the wrong accent, and then have this quizzical look on his face like, “I can’t tell the difference.” I guess he never got it.

  6. Snot Boogie, aka “Omar the First”.

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