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  1. Omar, Marlo, Kenard?

  2. I think you are very mean Ms. Tex, putting an entire spoiler thread out there for me to see when you know I’m trying to kick the habit.

  3. Marlo Stanfield is a bad man.

  4. They always said smoking would kill ya.

  5. Well, I certainly read the mood wrong. I thought people would want to talk about Omar, and next few eps.

    Since the Sun leaked the video spoiler of Kenard offing Omar a few weeks ago, there’s been a lot of hue and cry over it. I thought it a fitting ending that rang true to the series’ vision. It was gut-wrenching, abrupt, but in keeping with what the show has brought us before. Omar was out-gunned from the minute he walked into the trap.

    Doesn’t mean I didn’t hate it.

  6. Someone somewhere else said, “So I guess Omar did die in that shootout, it just took a while for death to catch up to him.” (I think it was a commenter on Sepinwall or House Next Door)

  7. Well, I was joyously unspoiled watching Omar take it in the head. Wonder if it was even Kenard’s first kill?

  8. Anyone have thoughts on Lester’s blackmai play at the end ?

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  11. Well, I was joyously unspoiled watching Omar take it in the head. Wonder if it was even Kenard’s first kill?

    I wasn’t. I knew it was coming, and by who, and as soon as Omar asked for two packs of smokes, soft packs, and stopped looking over his shoulder, I knew exactly what was coming next.

    It only took two pieces of information…one was Kenard’s gimp quote from last week, the other was a “so-called” harmless but unflagged spoiler.

    I’m throwing away my TV and quitting this writing shit in two weeks so that I can sign up for the police academy.

  12. So I can put up spoilers here for future episodes, or is this thread supposed to be just for spoilers for 58?

  13. Any spoiler you want. I will either make a new thread every Friday or more likely, just keep bumping this on to the top.

    Either way, it’s not specific to any one episode.

    But, Ray, why don’tcha come up into the light, to the current episode thread. I’m worried about you down here in the spoiler thread by yourself…

  14. Cause I want to post a spoiler, obviously.

    I mean, I guess most everybody saw the Newsweek article that gives away the fact that one of the final scenes filmed was a police wake at Kavanagh’s. So we know a police dies. But which one? The “wake photo” shown in the credits is Cole, who died in Season 3, so the credits give us no clue.

    See, this is what is evil about spoilers, even the tiniest ones, because it taints stuff that I can figure out based purely on speculation, and so now I don’t know what to post outside the spoilers thread based on what I saw in 58 because I know about the Newsweek spoiler.

    When Sydnor is surveilling Marlo and Monk, a train passes by in the background. Now maybe that was Omar’s train, but he was already dead by that point. My thinking is that the train signifies either Sydnor or Marlo getting whacked.

    Here’s the other thing…you’ve got Sydnor driving around in unfamiliar neighborhoods, in plainclothes, in a rental car with no indication that it’s a police vehicle, stopping at initersections to pull out a map because he’s lost. The guy looks like a lost out-of-towner looking for directions. Anybody who’s lived any time in a city with a high rate of carjackings knows that that kind of behavior is like wearing a sign on your back saying “Please kill me and take my car”.

    A police getting killed because he’s driving a rental car would put a lot of guilt on McNulty, which would be in keeping with the general idea of McNulty being a trainwreck about to happen.

    So, OK, Marlo I hope dies. But we have all kinds of clues that Sydnor is marked. And I have no idea how much of it is fair to post outside the spoilers thread, because I don’t want anybody coming around here accusing me of using spoilers to beef up my speculation cred.

    On Demand and spoilers in general are evil, and are making me want to write about this show less and less.

  15. well, I’ve heard the Newsweek spoiler like everyone else but that’s pretty much all. I haven’t seen anything beyond this episode (58)

    I’ve thought a lot about the dead cop too. What occurs to me is that it almost certainly won’t be mcnulty. Sure he’d be the obvious choice the way he’s living but it’s more fitting that he survives, wracked by guilt.

    Sydnor would be ironic because he’s kept clean so far.

    And they did seem to put a heavy emphasis on the rental cars tonight.

  16. So how much of this can I post outside the spoiler thread? See my dilemma?

  17. And I agree about McNutly. McNulty has to live with how much he’s fucked everything up. He’s the anti-Bubbles. “Shame ain’t worth as much as you think.” Bubbles is learning it. McNulty is unlearning it.

    I gotta write a Bubbles post but I don’t have it in me tonight.

  18. Ep 59 officially tore me up. Dukie. Bug. Michael. Snoop.

    Don’t understand why Dukie couldn’t have some of that cash. Maybe he turned it down?

    Michael shooting Snoop was hardly a surprise and I know she had it coming. That scene really messed with my mind.

    And thank you, Kima.

  19. IGN has posted various quotes from the finale on their episode page. If their quotes are true, than no cop dies in the finale. The cops are just having a mock wake for McNulty because his career is ending. Presumably, McNulty either gets fired or retires then. Here are the excerpts:


  20. Damn, those IGN quotes just remind me how much I’m gonna miss this show. This show and Deadwood had the best shit you could apply to fuckwits in real life.


  21. Personaly, I don’t understand how no one ends up in jail.

  22. I gotta go watch episode 59 again this morning. The last two have almost been too much too fast… the complaints I heard about, like the believability of the serial killer or the depth of the newsroom characters, seem like a decade ago.

    The clearest memory of 59 is Michael saying to Snoop “you look good, girl” and then the blast seen from the back of the vehicle. I just said “I love this show” out loud to nobody. So immersed in the goings on that trying to box a moment or a feeling long enough to write about it has been tough. It was a major effort to move from where I was sitting. Damn.

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  24. It’s out there…

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