Slate uber alles

Goldberg and Plotz know more about The Wire than you do.  Don’t believe me?  Just ask them.

Better yet, ask Mr. Simon.



  1. I say we could take those guys easy.

    I’ve seen that Simon link before.

  2. If I every walk up behind Plotz, I’m gonna start whistling “The farmer in the dell”.

  3. They are stupid, this is the best Wire site, perhaps the best website ever!

  4. yeah, the Slate writers are thoroughly terrible. Last week I read about 40 posts in one sitting and thought I would punch something. Do they actually get paid to completely miss the point of Simon’s media storyline?

  5. Like I said up in comments for Athenae, I believe her and Nancy.

    Neither of whom, it goes without saying, are getting paid for writing at this joint.

  6. Had I been getting paid, I’d have written that post a week ago. 🙂


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