#8 Lake Trout Special: Pulitzer fishwrap edition

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Friday open thread.

Don’t worry, we’ll have one next week to tie up loose ends.

Anything you want to talk about. Except spoilers.




You may spill spoilers as you see fit, this week in the SPOILED FISH thread.




  1. I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m more than a little flummoxed by the finality finally getting here. My brain doesn’t want to let it sink in .

  2. You need to concentrate on things that make life worth living after Sunday. Think positive. Make a list. I got one.

    1. Generation Kill.
    2. Crawfish season.
    3. Jazz fest.
    4. Getting a speaking part in Simon’s New Orleans project. (please?)
    5. Top Chef
    6. Smoked duck po-boy at Crabby Jack’s.

  3. actually, I need to concentrate on keeping my job

  4. Oh man I popped a fuse. The impending loss of The Wire weakened me, and then the phrase “smoked duck po boy” sent me into deep overload…

    Maybe I am just hungry after work. But yummy…

  5. Get some breakfast, racy:

    Duck po-boy at Crabby Jack's

  6. Here’s a chat David Simon had with the Kansas City Star’s TV Critic Aaron Barnhart…worth a look (no spoilers that I could discern).

  7. Racy, you could also get some lunch: http://ashleymorris.typepad.com/ashley_morris_the_blog/2007/10/more-food-porn.html

    Thanks, JC! Hope your servers are doing better this Friday, as opposed to last Friday.

  8. so… racy’s the only one gets offered food around here?

    What gives?


    I put up threads for you people …. I make crappy screencaps … I look out for spoilers…. I do laundry and wash dishes…

  9. you list of what makes life worth living sounds much btter than: more cold weather; stuck living near a bunch of red sox fans; work on dissertation
    hopefully there will be some show to get into.

    in addiiton to the specifics it will be interesting to see what plot lines get resolved and which don’t.
    i really hope levy’s role in the court leak does him in (though i don’t want rhonda to be the leak – preferably judge phelan or eileen nathan).
    there has been a failry big death in over half the episodes (snoop, omar, prop joe, butchie – i know some may argue he’s not on that level, but his death had many repurcussions).
    how many deaths can actually happen in the last episode?

  10. ersters!


    that’s more like it.

  11. Yeah, Ray’s right. Generation Kill rolls in July…so, relatively speaking, not nearly as long between Simon projects as we’re used to.

    And Nicole, I know what you mean about living near Red Sox fans — ask Ray.

    How many deaths in the last episode? Wow…considering that Marlo’s name is his name, there will be blood. Lots of it.

    And look for the Greek to get away without a scratch.

  12. VTx, I got your lunch, and dinner with appetizers. Cafe Des Amis in Breaux Bridge, the crawfish capital of the world:

    Stuffed drum with a crawfish brandy cream sauce

    My etouffee:

    Crawfish etouffee

    And grilled oysters with butter, parm, garlic, and parsley:

    Broiled Oysters

    Sorry. Whenever somebody starts with the porn, I tend to overdo it.

  13. ashley, the xxx food porn link reminds me that i was supposed to go to parkway with you and ray (i’m “senior”). that post was from when i was still a “senior” at college – and now i live here – and thanks to you i go to parkway, um, often. often enough that miss patti knows my name. if y’all are still up for it, i would love to meet both of you in person, since i love both of your blogs, and the wire…

  14. I’m up for Parkway, but when I get back from Austin (leaving town Sunday). Tomorrow is the Fete Francaise, lots of good food Uptown on Calhoun, admission is free. It’s a prime pig-out opportunity.

    Should we meet there?

  15. My kid goes to Audubon, so I have to do their fete tomorrow during the day. Parkway tomorrow evening? Let’s do it.

  16. Hey, y’all. Look at that picture of Bug. That kid is a hell of an actor.

  17. The picture of Bug makes me lose my shit. I was bawling like a baby during that scene.

    Tomorrow evening works, or later next week. Whichever.

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  19. ugh, obviously i meant “quantities.” sorry.

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