David Simon interview on Fresh Air today

Listen on yer radio or here

h/t michaela


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  1. This has nothing to do with nothing, but while I’m waiting on my last bug to finish running through tests, I’m watching the last few episodes of Season 2, and when Frank Sabotka does his perp walk out of the union hall, is that David Simon with a notepad amongst the horde of reporters yelling questions.

    Also, where did the term “front and follow” come from? I googled it and it only turns up in reference to the scene in Season 1 where McNulty’s kids tail Stringer through the mall. What I can find on da intarwebs that sounds close is “AB” style two-man foot surveillance, or leap-frogging, but I’ve never seen it called “front and follow” anywhere except The Wire.

    I want to see if I can teach it to the boy so we can follow cute girls through the French Quarter.

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