Did somebody say…Dickensian?

You better know what you’re talking about when you talk to David Simon, or you’re going to get skooled:

After watching Simon lead a lively talk at USC about the relationship between journalism and the public, a fresh-faced young man in rumpled khakis started speaking to Simon about the “Machiavellian” nature of a few of this season’s characters. As the post-chat reception continued around him in a narrow law school hallway, you could see Simon’s wheels turning.

“It’s not Machiavellian. You’re misusing the term,” he said flatly, tossing aside the rest of the young man’s statement. Simon then outlined the finer nuances of the “very specific” behavior characterized in “The Prince,” and though the student weakly tried to defend his usage, Simon would have none of it. “[The characters] are ruthless, but they’re not Machiavellian,” he finished with a slight smile.

Did anyone catch McNulty’s reference to “evacuate” this week? It’s almost as though Simon, with the fearsome powers of the Genius, planned it that way!