Time to ‘fess up

“Deserve got nuthin’ to do with it.”
Epigraph for Episode 59, Late Editions.
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  1. McNulty was NOT drinking tonight with Lester on the train tracks. He also was NOT drinking the night he came home to the house alone last week. That’s very interesting. Plus tonight, Lester asking him to chauffeur him home recalled the scene with Lester and Bunk being driven by a sober McNulty at the end of last season.

    “You are SOOO butch.” Zorzi at the Mayor’s press conference. Hee

  2. “How my hair look Mike?”

    “You look good, girl”

  3. Hon Tea, is the Michael/Dukie last scene in the car the audio excerpt that was on that soundtrack you were talking about before? The bit about the ice cream truck?

  4. Yes Ma’am. Track 34.

    It’s also the last soundbyte before the hi-hats kick in and the album closes with “The Fall.”

    The freakin’ SOUNDTRACK CD is going to make me cry now?

    ( http://www.amazon.com/Wire-Pieces-Matter-Years-Music/dp/B000YDOOT6 )

  5. and, Lester went home to Shardene. So he’s still got that goin’ for him.

  6. OK, fucking irony time. Check out Snoop’s line for the Epigraph.

    After the airing tonight, I flipped it over to Turner Classic Movies, and saw Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven. As Eastwood’s character stands over Hackman’s character, it goes like this:

    Little Bill Daggett: I don’t deserve this… to die like this. I was building a house.
    Will Munny: Deserve’s got nothin’ to do with it.
    [aims gun]
    Little Bill Daggett: I’ll see you in hell, William Munny.
    Will Munny: Yeah.

    (source: http://imdb.com/title/tt0105695/quotes . You know, wif Nancy and all…)

  7. yeah, watch it Ashley. Nancy will fuck you up!

    I keep seeing references to DS and westerns though I’ve never actually read anything he’s said about it.

  8. I left this somewhere else, but,

    “Why? What I do wrong?”

    “Always apart. Always asking why. When you should be doing what you told. You was never one of us. And you never could be.”

    Substitute “us” with “institutions” and that scene is the message of the entire show. That dialogue is why Michael is our hero and why Snoop is not. And that gunshot to me was, just for one moment, the individual triumphing by being smart. Of course, the moment of triumph only serves to push Michael into deeper despair.

  9. Did anyone feel bad or was anyone even mildly surprised at Snoop’s end?
    The “Walter” angle made no sense, the “Nine with the numbers filed off”—and like Snoop said “…you always was.” , when telling Michael how smart he was.
    Yeah, bitch, your hair looked just fine. Now enjoy your time in hell.
    Her character repulsed me for her absolute disregard for life .
    I was glad she got offed, as much as I was all fucked up in the head for ten days when Omar got wasted by Kendred.
    Looks like Reginald Bubbs might make it, but I was thinking that in the last scene, behind the open fire, that was Budds tying off…that WASN”T him, was it?
    And Terry’s buddy at W. Reed? He’s right…veterans don’t brag about stuff unless they weren’t there.
    I just know, that’s all.
    Chocolate milk, anyone?

  10. or was the kid “Kenard”?

  11. yes, kenard and that wasn’t bubbles or reginald.
    i think namond and bubbs are going to survive – making it might be too strong for bubbs – but namond will be alright.

    poor dukie though – with a little luck he could have survived. namond’s acting out saved him wheeras dukie’s blending in cost him dearly.

    good for lester for holding on to shardene.

    wild speculation:

    a part of me thinks mcnulty will commit suicide.
    this is a little too law&order for david simon, so it may not happen.
    but mcnulty is someone completely unable to live with himself.
    he feels caged in as a “good husband/father” and messes that up – he is an out of control drunk when he is a “good cop” – but this year he wasn’t really a good cop – he got too sloppy with his plan. the guilt of this scheme is eating him up. whereas prez found teaching and herc founding being a pi for levy – what else can mcnulty do – his nature will make him a time bomb wherever he goes.

    and lastly – i loved when cedric uttered his trite comment on it being a good day for the good guys – cedric – we are seasoned wire watchers – there is no such thing.

  12. Did anyone else notice the stack of random business cards next to the latest homeless DOA? If McNulty had is soft eyes on, he might have picked up on who the perp is. Templeton could probably figure it out too.

  13. nicole: of course that wasn’t Bubs tying off near the fire. If anyone, it would’ve been the “junk man”

  14. jessica – yes, of course that wasn’t bubs. i would have to watch again but it looked like dukie’s new “mentor”

  15. Thanks for the Bubbs clarification…but the shadowy dude tying off had that same high fade that Bubbs has…same head shape, it seemed….I worry about Bubbs, in this show of so many harsh ends, I don’t wanna see him bagged up.

  16. …those junk men in B-more are f’real, of course…I saw them in action in 1991, glad to see they’re still using horse-carts….

  17. Scott – yeah, I’m pretty sure it references the homeless guy that Templeton and others talked to, he had a huge jar of business cards that he handed out.

    This episode was really incredible, it started off at such a fast pace, but some of the later scenes were so deliberate and slow. Snoop/Michael, Dukie/Michael, and Bubbs’ speech were heartbreakingly intense. It really showed the quality of acting and writing we love in The Wire.

    Re: westerns bit. I’m pretty sure there are connections to many spaghetti westerns. I’ll have a long blog post about it sometime when I get finished watching all the westerns on my blockbuster queue. But there are definitely coincidences with Fistful of Dollars, and Unforgiven, less so with the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. In one of the early dvd commentaries, Simon and George Pelecanos talk about incorporating elements from Westerns after taking a film studies class on Westerns in college together. It was just a quick comment though.

  18. I did not intend to infer that I doubted DS discussed westerns, just meant that I didn’t recall ever reading/seeing him say it. And yes, I agree the connections/references are there.

    Looking forward to your mid-March overview of the whole season, Pete. You are right that it’s hard to really digest and process episode by episode. I feel like I’m just babbling half the time.

  19. I also thought the shoutout to “Dexter” was interesting. Dukie (to Michael): “You gotta watch this, it’s a show about a serial killer who kills other serial killers.” Wasn’t Dexter on Showtime (HBO’s rival) before it went to CBS? Isn’t Michael a serial killer who kills other serial killers (or just did)?

  20. The comic relief can be missed if you blink – McNulty explains “evacuated” to the junior cop. Heh…

  21. More grist for the reference-mill: I was one of a couple dozen D.C. reporters to attend a private screening last week of “Late Editions,” at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association office. Simon was there for the screening, and spoke for a bit before and after. Of Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory, he said, “I ripped it off for all five [Wire] seasons. If [Kubrick] were still alive, I’d have to send him a check.”

  22. So I got a million things I want to talk about, but here’s a quickie…we can see Levy starting to be set up here. Herc has been in the room where a lot of illegal stuff was discussed, so I imagine he’s on the hook for conspiracy if it goes that far. Can Herc be offered immunity to flip and testify as to what went on in Levy’s office, or are those discussions inadmissible because of attorney-client privilege? Is the conversation protected no matter who hears it, or are only the attorney and client protected from testifying?

  23. Ray, in most states, conversations in which a lawyer assists in the commission of a crime are not protected by the attorney-client privilege.

  24. Here’s David Plotz’ (SLATE) take on security, which I heartily agree with…those dudes were mighty strong!

    “You know whom I want working security at my next party? Those two guys who accompanied Chris to the drug warehouse. They were the biggest men I’ve ever seen!”

  25. Anything in Levy’s office that deals with the clients is protected by attorney client privilege, no matter who hears it if he/she works for the lawyer or is an “agent” of the client… it includes staff like Herc. The “client” owns the privilege – so the attorney cannot invoke the privilege if the client waves it. So actually, to get at Levy from this point of view, Snoop et al. would have to waive the privilege… BUT . the crime/fraud exception to A/C privilege would be the concern you are talking about when you mention offering immunity to Herc.

    If they are conspiring to break the law – like get someone to cop to owning the guns found in the SUV when they know it is not true – then you get some wiggle room to get around the privilege. Client communications to a lawyer “in furtherance of intended or present, continuing illegality” are not privileged.

    Herc would need immunity to get around the 5th if you want his testimony. The kid on crutches, goddammit I forgot his name, could offer testimony against Levy and Herc in exchange for a lighter sentence since Levy cannot invoke A/C privilege.

  26. Snoop isn’t gonna be waiving anything, except waving bits of skull around.

  27. Snoop isn’t gonna be waiving anything, except waving bits of skull around.

    Yeah, but her hair DID look good.

  28. Only Rico of Fisher’s in LA could restore a head like Snoop was left with. Hey…anybody know if “Rico” landed on his feet after SFU?
    I thought both Rico and Vanessa Diaz were worthy of more roles…I mean, a lot of cast members from Deadwood ended up on John from Cincinnati….I’m just sayin’…

    and it took me two epis of “Breaking Bad” to realize it was Seth’s wife from Deadwood who plays Bryan Cranston’s wife on the new show….

  29. Well, as we saw from the previews, Everybody ‘cept Chris gets out. So my guess is that the warrants were judged to be tainted, thus they all get out and the charges (other than the dope in the trucks maybe) get dismissed.

    Now mister “my name is my name” is gonna be all hot and bothered, and with any luck, he’ll get his ass shot down in a crossfire. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll be alone.

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