I grinned from ear to ear the whole scene until I cried.



  1. He looked so good, didn’t he?

    There was a woman in that scene who looked just like Kimmie. Did you notice?

  2. I hesitate to say this, but I think Bubs is gonna make it — and it’s gonna be Fletcher’s reporting-by-hanging-out that’s gonna help save him. The rationale: Simon’s deep anger about Marimow, Carroll et al comes from his deep (and ultimately optimistic) belief that newspapers have the power to do good — that a functioning press is a marker of a functioning democracy. But I think he sees it on a smaller scale, too. After all, the problem we’re seeing in the mess Templeton’s made of the Terry whats-his-name story is partly how it actually affects Terry in his everyday life — not just the grand charade Templeton’s playing for the world at large.

    So, then, I think (I really, really hope) that the relationship between Fletcher and Bubbles is a small sign of the very good things newspapers can do when they commit the time and resources to undercovered stories. I have to think that Fletcher’s presence — the sign that someone is interested in Bubs/Reginald’s story — is crucial in B/R’s decision to open up about Sharrod (sp?) at the meeting.

    I really hope the finale doesn’t make me look back on this post w/ embarrassment about my naievete…

  3. I have to disagree about Fletcher’s contribution to Bubbles’s sobriety, but I’m trying to work a post out of it. Bubbles was already over the hump several episodes ago if you knew what to watch for.

  4. This is a $20 bet I won’t mind paying off. I think Reginald is gonna make it, too.

    Dukie, though, has been fed to the fucking wolves. No job selling shoes with Poot, no babysitting his adopted brother Bug, no hanging out with Michael, no throwing piss balloons with Namond. He’s gonna be the horse junkie living with the Arabers in the stable, until he gets caught in a caper or gets some stuff that’s too pure.


  5. I can’t wait to read your post, Ray. At the very least, I think interest, perhaps even friendship, from Fletcher can’t hurt Bubs’ cause. Obviously the responsibility for his sobriety is his own.

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