Time to ‘fess up

“Deserve got nuthin’ to do with it.”
Epigraph for Episode 59, Late Editions.
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I grinned from ear to ear the whole scene until I cried.

Ghosts in the machine: final thoughts on Clarifications

Episode 58 opens with a oddly Strangelovian juxtaposition, as the Baltimore PD Comstat meets the Jimmy McNulty Confabulation.

Maps, extra units, statewide alerts, rental cars, oh my. Watching McNulty’s smirk as he realizes the brass and the mayor are completely onboard, I had that feeling again, like Sydnor in the park last week watching the helicopter fly over as citizens are being detained, police radios and sirens blaring; that seasickness of watching a widening succession of concrete events rolling along, each of those events spawning other events … all sparked by lies.

But this episode ended up different. If the whole season has been about lies, this was the episode that was about the truth. Clarifications, as in facts, results, disambiguation, confession.

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