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The final scene you never saw.

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I’m going slightly mad

OK, stay with me on this one.  

After Generation Kill, David Simon should get the green light to film his series for HBO in New Orleans.

When he’s done with that, his experience with all the nuances of New Orleans will give him the knowledge he needs for his next challenge.  

Yes, it will be a challenge.  His first comedy.  A comedy, a tragicomedy, a Falstaffian corker of a novel adaptation.  The book that defines New Orleans.

David Simon should write, produce and direct John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces.

With me in the lead.  OK, I’d settle for Philip Seymour Hoffman, but I want a screen test, dammit. 

Confederacy has been optioned and passed around for years, but it will take a person who really knows New Orleans to get it right.  Simon respects New Orleans, and after doing his HBO series, he’ll know New Orleans so well he’ll be able to do this work justice.  He’s the only guy that gets every single one of the little things right, and in this book, that’s really important.

And if he does it on HBO, it wouldn’t have to be under 112 minutes long. 

#9 Lake Trout Special: Going Out of Business Sale


Last open thread. Anyone got anything left?

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Who got the last word?


Omar: “Marlo Stanfield is not a man for this town.”


Marlo: “Do you know who I am?”

So was “The Wire” a Black show?

The Wire was probably the most successful show ever on television with a predominantly Black cast. But wait. Before anyone pats themselves on the back, what other shows have had a predmoninatly Black cast?

David Mills goes throught quite a few, but his list ends in 1984. Since then, we’ve had ROC, Cosby spinoffs, Martin, Everybody Hates Chris, and…well…that’s about it except for the WB and UPN.
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-30- thoughts

Damn, I miss you guys, I have had a busy period.

I loved the ending. I like the way Simon finished his story

For all of our speculation about who was going to die by the end of the show, there was relatively little blood spilled. And even knowing the substance of the show, knowing people get killed, the bullet-to-the-head scenes over the last few episodes absolutely moved me to my core, they were so fucking perfect.

How is it that the final scenes of Prop Joe, Omar, and Snoop, on a show like The Wire, still manage to be so damn powerful? It doesn’t get any better than this.

If David Simon said at the meeting for the final episode, “We are going to kill one person. Who should it be and why? “, this show is what we should have gotten. I love this proposition, and I love that the answer was “Cheese gets it for doing Joe.” We had typical, predictable reasons for the deaths of any gangster or cop in our loveable lineup. Cheese spilled his own bloodline and by any code of any gangster, cop, thief, hopper, po-po or trickster god, that shit is going to take you down. Period. So I say, ” well played.”

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Half awake in a fake empire


Snot Boogie died because he couldn’t change things up, even a little. Omar tried changing but it didn’t take. Dukie didn’t even know how to change unless someone else did it for him.

The tree that doesn’t bend breaks.

Bubbles and McNulty both tried and failed more than once, and they lived through it but others paid the price.

Stringer Bell, Burrell, Bunny Colvin. They changed too much, or the wrong way at the wrong time.

Bend too much and you’re already broken.

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