Wire mirroring reality #n: Ray Nagin acts like Clay Davis

WWL TV did a piece on Ray Nagin Thursday night about his schedule.  What was he doing with his time, was he in Jamaica most of the year, were his kids in Houston, and so on.

Typical FOIA journalism.Only thing, See-Ray went coocoo for Cocoa Puffs.  He went ballistic, he went off his meds, he lost his religion, he went ape shit.

He acted like Ray Nagin, but for no good reason.
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#6 Lake Trout Special: Allen wrench edition

(click on the thumbnails for larger photos)

Friday open thread.

Go with God.

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No, Athenae didn’t quit

In case you’re wondering…

Nor have we got her locked up in a vacant somewhere. She’s just very busy lately being famous and dealing with the release of her new book, It Doesn’t End with Us, the Story of the Daily Cardinal. (Available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Heritage Books)

More here about scheduled events.

She promises to resurface. If she doesn’t, we know where she lives and we’ll drag her ass back over here.

Let’s do some real police work

And let’s do it by trying to see what the titles of the episodes can tell us.

The last couple of episodes have the titles The Dickensian Aspect and Took.  It’s obvious where the former came from, and the latter, well, that kind of makes sense as well.  Without looking at anything but the titles of the upcoming episodes, let’s see if we can make some kind of sense about where the crew is going in the final 3 episodes.

Clarifications, Late Editions, and -30- are the names of the last 3. 

I don’t really know about Clarifications, but Late Editions could have a big double-entendre going on.  There will be blood.

But I’m just stumped on -30-.  Wait, Wikipedia to the rescue.

“–30–” is a journalistic term that has been used to signify “the end” or “over and out” since the Civil War when telegraphers tapped “XXX” to end transmissions (“XXX” being the Roman numeral for 30).

Well, so much for that.  WPedia also said that the last episode is 93 minutes long.

Do Not Post Unflagged Spoilers

I can’t say it any plainer: you may post spoilers in comments BUT THEY MUST BE FLAGGED.

Do not try to get around it by trying to hide the spoiler in confusing language or doublespeak. Just flag it.

Do not link directly to spoilers on another site without clearly stating so.

Something – no matter how large or how small- that has not yet aired in the Sunday night broadcast or in previews is a spoiler. It doesn’t matter whether it’s available OnDemand. There is no other working definition of “spoiler.” Do not say, “This isn’t really a spoiler,” and post an un-flagged spoiler.

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Ain’t you the little king of diamonds?


I would be remiss not to note that last night’s episode was directed by Dominic West. Well done, there.

Note also that the final episode of the series, -30-, was directed by Clark Johnson, who also directed the first episode of the series, The Target.

Some Monday morning nitpickety discussion starters after the cut:

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Loose lips.

You people are ignoring the 900-pound gorilla: Who leaked the grand jury documents? This is key, I think. Grand jury secrecy is serious stuff, and while it’s breached all the time, it’s usually by an involved lawyer to a journalist or some other party with a vested interest in making the secret public. (Hello, BALCO.) Who would have leaked sealed testimony about drug dealing to Prop Joe? Someone in the courthouse. Who?

This is nagging me like an itch in the middle of my shoulder blades.

As for me, I’m going to start with some James Brown records and take it from there. See you all later this a.m.