Wire mirroring reality #739: Templeton works at the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel

Nancy’s too modest to post this up here, but she has done Gus-like yeoman work, and has found that Tim Goeglein, White House Public Liaison officer and Karl Rove gopher, is a stone cold red-handed plagiarist.

Look for the chatter to come down from Romenesko today like wild.

Kudos to Nancy.  Kudos to Gus. 

Update: Tim Goeglein resigns.



  1. Mother. Fucking. Templeton.

    I hate plagiarists.

  2. well, damn.

    I think Templeton would have done a better job than Goeglein.

    Oddly enough, today was the first time (I think) I’ve ever put Templeton in the header photo. Little toady.

  3. […] h/t to the esteemed Dr. Morris […]

  4. Never ever ever steal from the living. And don’t steal from stuff that could easily be on the Internet. Jesus. I’m not saying stealing from anybody’s okay, but this is pretty stupid, even for a thief.

    Great catch Nancy!


  5. As noted in the comments over at Nancy’s, two of the other Goeglin pieces mentioned in her post have also been revealed to contain portions of copied material.

    Also note that he’s fessed up. Wonder if he’ll keep his day job?

  6. I thought I read a familiar name over at Talking Points Memo…. Good stuff Nancy!

  7. Update: Tim Goeglein resigns.

    Damn. Now I’m really afraid of Nancy

  8. As well you should be, VT, as well you should.

  9. Maybe Nancy should be afraid. She just fucked with Rove’s inner circle.

    NN, you need to toss all them phones and use the one the Greek gave you. And don’t talk in the car.

  10. Jeez, girl. Front page of MSNBC.com:


    Wanna see my picture on the cover
    Wanna buy five copies for my mother
    Wanna see my smilin’ face…

  11. Great work Nancy.

    This will become a part of The Wire lore. Ya know years from now when people talk about The Wire and say– but hey did ya know in real life a blogger who wrote about The Wire exposed a WH aide for doing just what Templeton did in the show and the WH aide had to resign so ya know shit like that does happen….weird huh though…

    Yes I can hear those conversations.

    Very nice work Nancy

  12. BTW, read the comments to Nance’s thread. Mr Simon himself gave her props.

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