#7 Lake Trout Special: been caught stealing edition

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Friday open thread.

Eyes on your own work!  Miz Nall has sharp eyes …

What would you like to see, or what do you think we’ll see, in the closing montage?

Or anything you want to talk about.

Lurkers, show thyselves. We’re nice enough people, only a couple of us bite.



You may spill spoilers as you see fit, this week in the SPOILED FISH thread.




  1. How did the new spoilers thread get 18 comments so damn fast?

    Testers are out and the fiends are already lining up down the block, I guess.

  2. No, I just “bumped” the same thread from last week up to the top. Figured it would be less of a chance of un-spoiled folk stumbling into spoilers if they were all in the one thread, instead of (by series end) having three separate spoiler threads.

    There’s only one new comment and it was mine just to get things started. But it DOES have new spoilers in it.

    So, nothing down there you’d want.

  3. I figured.

    I’ll read it after 59 airs.

    Unless somebody’s got finale spoilers.

  4. Man, I never saw no testers when I lived in the hood. None of this “try before you buy” shit. Guess the economics of B’more dictate a different policy.

  5. I keep thinking back to the scenes in 58 with Dukie and the junkman. Seems to me it’s sort of a connection back to Bubbles, like we’re seeing that cycle starting over.

  6. Montage guesses:
    I totally see Carcetti becoming governor in the Montage, I mean he’s sold his soul for the position… and the political bit has been marginalized to some extent this season, so no need to spend much time on the storyline, just show the victory and we’ll get the idea. Also on the Montage, I’m guessing we’ll see all 4 kids in their path, Randy- hateful and alone in the world. Dukie, in the repeating cycle of poverty and maybe drug abuse. Micheal… not really sure what’s going to happen to him- maybe still in the game, maybe dead. Namond, winning an award of sorts, a little too early for college acceptance, but I’m thinking it’s in that direction. A view of the docks… run down/gentrified, maybe Nicky Sebotka doing some construction work on new condos to feed his family.

  7. yeah, Pete, I agree about Carcetti. He’s lost. If not sure previously (!), knew it beyond a shadow of a doubt the minute we saw that look in his wife’s face when he came home and turned on the TV after the homeless rally.

  8. Guess the economics of B’more dictate a different policy.

    that makes me remember that we used to giggle about the folks selling pot in Washington Square Park in NYC. “Sens, Sens. Exact change. Sens. Sens. Exact change!”

  9. Steve, thanks. Those are great. The comments on the first one are also interesting, esp the one on jury nullification in response to DS’s comment in the article.

    Loved this from the second. Can you imagine getting busted by Snoop?

    how he squared the fact that this was a show about the poorest of the poor, yet it broadcasts on a subscription-only premium cable network. Simon said he didn’t really worry about that for one reason: bootlegged copies that flood the streets of Baltimore the day after the episode airs. In fact, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson once accosted someone on the street in Baltimore who was selling bootlegged copies. She called Simon, carefully reading off the serial number and asking what she should do. Simon laughed and told her to let the bootlegger go.

  10. Jury nullification? Interesting Simon brought it up… the context Simon mentioned it in concerned the drug war bullshit, how he would never convict a non-violent drug offender. So I guess it is not too far a stretch to suggest Hamsterdam in the earlier season covered his thoughts on the matter to some extent…

    I had mentioned jury nullification when talking about the Clay Davis trial. I could envision a Clay Davis juror saying back in the jury room something like ” I don’t care what that prosecutor said, Clay Davis was just trying to help people.” The episode didn’t focus on the closed room jury dynamic, so I let my more subtle thoughts of jury nullification languish in a less serious, more theoretical place.

    I was certain Simon had come across the idea, very nice to hear him address it so directly. In Simon’s world citizens can and must recognize certain institutional decisions as illegitimate and then act accordingly. Cops, jurors, journalists included. Doesn’t mean they won’t suffer repercussions, but they must do the right thing anyway. That seems sad – negative repercussions for doing the right thing.

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