#6 Lake Trout Special: Allen wrench edition

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Friday open thread.

Go with God.

Where do you see Bubbles in five years.

Or anything you want to talk about.

Lurkers, help us out here. We’re getting tired of hearing ourselves talk. Be our new friends.



You may spill spoilers as you see fit, this week in the SPOILED FISH thread.




  1. It is my opinion that Bubbles will be dead of an O.D or AIDS within five years. He will go back to drugs and die. Sooner rather than later.

  2. Who peed in your Cheerios this morning Ivy? See, we already know Bubbles is HIV negative and it takes longer than 5 years to develop full blown AIDS.

    So, if you’re going to be overly negative, show us that you are at least obsessing over the details. Or something. Throw us a bone.

  3. I might disagree with you on the life of someone with AIDS living on the streets. It might be different now, however when I hung out there, if you were HIV positive pretty much within a few a years it turned into full blown AIDS and you were dead shortly there after. One thing or the other killed you. As I say its been a few years, but five years being positive was a long life. I am talking from the place of personal experience and not statically.

    The question was what was Bubbles doing in five years, in my opinion he would have gone back to drugs because he was still surrounded by the culture. Thus it was only a matter of time before he became positive. The urge for him must be overwhelming and thus that’s why I think he would fall off the wagon.

    Now, I do not like being attacked for stating my “newbie opinion” I feel I am attacked for coming to this show this year. If this is an exclusive club of then I wish someone would have told me.

  4. Ladies, It’s a fucked up enough week as it is, so let’s be friendly. No fighting and no backwards skating.

    RM, in fairness, no one that watches this show can be blamed for being fatalistic and this IS an open thread, it’s not up to any one person to provide volume of commentary or grist for the discussion.

    Ivy, sorry, I just don’t see where you’re getting the part about being attacked for being a newbie. Racy’s just a few episodes less of a newbie than you, so I’m guessing her sarcasm is just that: sarcasm, not mean-ness.

  5. the REAL question is WTF is up with my gravatar? It’s schizophrenic.

  6. I know people who have gone out from AIDS in less than five years. There are different strains of the best, and some of them are meaner fuckers than others. There is also the health of the patient. Guy with full blown AIDS and a blown kidney and liver and no health care who is still using and still exposing himself to all kinds of opportunistic infections from his cohorts could go very quickly.

    But this doesn’t matter, Bubbles stays clean. Walon lives among them and he stays clean. Real people in The Corner got and stayed clean. People I know personally stay clean. Simon is not a fatalist…he’s a REALIST. Which means you get a lot more fatalism than you’re used to, because reality is more grim than most other TV shows let on. However, it does not mean “everybody inevitably dies from their addiction”. That’s not real. That’s fantasy. And Simon is trying to show reality.

  7. BTW, I appreciate y’all putting the spoiler (?) photo behind the cut in the spoilers section.

  8. Been waiting for this week’s Lake Trout just to say: I miss Bodie.

    He would have offered some nice quip about some of the crazier stuff of this season and put it in perspective for me.

    I always felt that Bodie was the closest thing to an avatar that the regular viewer had to the world of The Wire. He would have made sense of things.

  9. RM, in fairness, no one that watches this show can be blamed for being fatalistic and this IS an open thread, it’s not up to any one person to provide volume of commentary or grist for the discussion.

    OK, sorry, didn’t mean to come across too rough. I’ll turn it down from eleven like I get after rough shifts in the hospital. Last night was better.

    Well, five years from initial HIV infection to death would be very rare these days, but still possible I guess… still, here is a WHO quote from 2001:

    A recent review of cohort studies in Uganda, Thailand and Haiti indicates that the median interval from HIV infection to death is 9 years.

    I think Bubs could do as well as these 3rd world places did 7 years ago. So, I read a statement of a 5 year death from AIDS, and I thought that was overly bleak even by Simon standards. I am not afraid of bleak, ya know? Seems to be dissin’ the truly bleak stuff, and statistically ignorant to boot, to kiss off Bubs in 5 from AIDS…

  10. HonTea, have you been to the TWOP Wire forum? The name of the Bodie character thread is Bodie: *spits*

    I agree with the avatar idea, though I think the argument could be made that each of the “zones” (corner, law, school, etc) has and everyman/avatar

  11. I wish I could spit like Bodie.

  12. That would round out that “Renaissance Man” image of yours

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