Do Not Post Unflagged Spoilers

I can’t say it any plainer: you may post spoilers in comments BUT THEY MUST BE FLAGGED.

Do not try to get around it by trying to hide the spoiler in confusing language or doublespeak. Just flag it.

Do not link directly to spoilers on another site without clearly stating so.

Something – no matter how large or how small- that has not yet aired in the Sunday night broadcast or in previews is a spoiler. It doesn’t matter whether it’s available OnDemand. There is no other working definition of “spoiler.” Do not say, “This isn’t really a spoiler,” and post an un-flagged spoiler.

As we move into the final episodes and as the availability of leaked episode footage wanes, all manner of shit and trashtalk is beginning to fly around on the various Wire forums and blogs.

I love speculation. I am a speculatin’ motherfucker. I love posters and welcome new ones. I welcome all speculation by all posters, indeed, I am not sure we can talk about the show at this point at all without speculation. In addition, properly flagged spoilers may be posted.

However, telling the difference between speculation, real spoilers, and fuckwittery is hard enough, so please let’s all be clear in our comments and posts.

If you are in doubt about speculation, flag it.

Also, if you see a suspected, unflagged, spoiler on the site, please refrain from taking hostages. Email me and I’ll deal with it.

[WARNING: Spoilers in comments]



  1. Maybe there should just be a speculation thread only – no mixing spoilt and unspoilt content.

  2. I’m open to what works, which is usually what’s simplest, but I’m braindead of late, so what do I know? Let’s see what others think.

  3. Was there a spoiler I missed? Damn, I do like that smackdown. Indeed.

  4. Damn, I do like that smackdown. Indeed.

    you a junkyard dawg

    There was no breach of the hull.

  5. The real 900-pound gorilla in the room is the major development in episode 58. I find it very interesting that so many are tip-toeing around it as if they don’t know what happens when I have tripped over it accidentally everywhere I go on the Internet. Even more interesting is how some bloggers and forum posters are pretending they haven’t heard about it or seen it but somehow predict it exactly. What a bunch of hypocrites!

  6. Jim, some of us here are spoiled and some are not. The ones that are not, you may have noticed, are quite adamant about remaining that way.

    The rest of us are trying to respect that. If you look around the blog, there are not a lot of spoilers. It’s not worth the agita, when they are so available elsewhere. We may have to change that, we may not. We haven’t decided.

    In the meantime, I don’t see it as hypocritical to not tip our hand. I don’t think any of us here are that invested in being regarded as “predicting” things correctly. Last time I checked, none of us were in the television criticism business.

    Maybe you’re not talking about this blog after all, but respectfully, and you know we all have tons of respect for and gratitude for you, what you said sounds pretty goading. If you are seeing the same thing on other blogs, I imagine they are doing it for the same reasons.

  7. Don’t take anything I said (above) personally. I would not post my comments here if I had anything negative to say about this blog. I just had to point out the tip-toeing and hypocrisy that I see around the blogosphere. It makes me laugh, that’s all. Maybe in my role as “Wire” site webmaster and Yahoo group moderator I tend to go places on the Internet that most don’t go. I’ll shut up now.

  8. Jim, that’s why the only places I go are your site (which also carefully denotes spoilers), and this one. I don’t wanna know.

  9. I was told by a little birdie not to read the comments in this thread because it contained possible spoilers.

    Jim, believe it or not, some of us fanatically avoid any writing about The Wire for this very reason, so it would be cool not to cast aspersions on people who offer speculation that happens to be right just because YOU read a spoiler somewhere. The only spoilers I see (other than the Newsweek one that ran before the season started) are the ones that get thrown up on this blog without being flagged.

    Personally, I’m glad I didn’t read this thread before tonight.

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