Loose lips.

You people are ignoring the 900-pound gorilla: Who leaked the grand jury documents? This is key, I think. Grand jury secrecy is serious stuff, and while it’s breached all the time, it’s usually by an involved lawyer to a journalist or some other party with a vested interest in making the secret public. (Hello, BALCO.) Who would have leaked sealed testimony about drug dealing to Prop Joe? Someone in the courthouse. Who?

This is nagging me like an itch in the middle of my shoulder blades.

As for me, I’m going to start with some James Brown records and take it from there. See you all later this a.m.



  1. I agree, NN, it has to be a big piece. I don’t have a clue though, I can’t think of any hints dropped either (other than what seemed like an odd emphasis on the Sun reporter that Zorzi discusses with Pearlman, the woman that left for another job). Unless theres’ more than one player, it would have to be someone with direct access to that material, and that seems like a very small group of people.

    I suspect Levy is involved, just on general principle but he wouldn’t have direct access so someone has to be getting it to/for him.

  2. I don’t think we’re ignoring it. I just have no clue. It was found in Prop Joe’s desk, right? My only thoughts are somehow Levy got hold of it, or else Clay Davis got it through an unknown source (which would explain why large amounts of drug cash were always flowing in his direction). Both are sneaky, both have connections, both have large wads of cash.

    There’s also the Greek’s mole at the FBI who feeds info to The Greek, who in turn could have given it to Joe. What kind of access would the Feds have to grand jury files?

  3. I have a feeling this is a decoy issue. With so many loose ends to tie up, will this issue just hit the cutting room floor?
    Aside from that, Gus is onto Templeton. I visualize him restless at night, wondering what Templeton is up too. McNulty is playing Templeton hard, Templeton is in way over his head.
    And poor Bunk…they just won’t let him do his police work
    And of course we all identified with Kima and the missing Allen wrench!

  4. I said a few posts back I thought it was Levy, or the Greek’s mole at the FBI. Ignoring it my ass — I’m just guessin’

  5. I vote for Rhonda’s boss. He did pull her off drugs and put her on homicide.

  6. I like Steve’s guess the best. But it has to be significant, because they reminded us of it again, in the “previously” reel, but it didn’t come up in episode 7. The writers want us to keep it in mind for a later payoff. What what is it? It’s driving me nuts.

  7. However….
    Note the very recent addition to the HBO “cast and crew” lineup of Grand Jury Prosecutor Gary DiPasquale, Played By Gary D’Addario

    We saw him once at the beginning, and Ashley noted at the time:

    Now, one thing I have to say is that whenever Gary D’Addario is on the screen, you know something memorable is going to happen. One of the original guys in HOMICIDE, he showed up in cameos on H:LOTS, and usually stole the scene. I love how he bitch-slapped that banker.

    The HBO blurb for the character:
    “Leading the charge against corrupt State Sen. R. Clayton “Clay” Davis, the grand jury prosecutor doesn’t have much patience for the egos and entitlements of those called to testify. He’s at the point in his career, however, where he doesn’t really have to.”

  8. Judge Phelan is another possibility. There’s not a real large pool of legal characters to draw from, so there’s a good chance that somebody has named him already.

  9. Judge Phelan? Damn! you’re cold, Andrew. And you may just be right.

    Wouldn’t that be some kind of come-uppance on McNutty, and a bitch-slap at Pearlman? I may be way off, but I think I recall Phelan making some veiled advances at Pearlman a few seasons back. And if he’s as much of a schmuck as Gharty was, he’ll definitely go for the big bucks that Levy would have offered him for grand jury transcripts.

  10. I thought about Judge Phelan before, but would a regular judge have access to sealed grand jury testimony?

  11. heh… the judge. The one who motioned for Rhonda/McNulty to pick up his diner tab? Hmmmm.Very interesting thought. In answer to Ray’s question, he would have 24 hour access to the building, perhaps. In a normal course of business, grand jury testimony should not come to the judge short of a privileges or contempt motion (that is how federal and Texas work) – since no actual charges have been filed yet..but it is far from “unlikely” that he would see them. But, the grand jury show is something run by the DA or equivalent… So Dipasquale, Bond, and Rhonda (and those connected to them) are in the leak pool, for the “logical” sources.

    Levy is in the leak pool because he is a weasel with ties to Prop Joe and the rest of the street people. If Levy is “of the street” this leaves him really the closest to the importance of Clay Davis, and there are references to this connection in what I have read about the earlier seasons. Since Clay Davis has had his finger in everything, he is a big presence in the leak pool; and he would want to know what happens in the grand jury. That would make him a very powerful, powerful man. The argument against Davis is that he just went to trial and no appearance of advance knowledge was in anything I saw. BUT he did win when everyone thought he would lose…

    My guess about the leaks runs through Clay Davis, but he isn’t alone of course. And I am not that confident Levy is involved… that part is just me thinking out loud.

  12. Nancy, I think what pesters me most about this is why. Why have this new plot element at the tail end of the season/the series? The easy assumption is that it portends something related to an existing storyline, or causes something to happen that is huge and overarching.

    This reasoning is based on the earlier promise of Simon’s that all plot lines will be resolved by series’ end.

  13. So I’m avoiding certain threads here, but a sleepy voice in my head wonders if the grand jury testimony and the dirt on Daniels are related. Those are the two big dangling WTF mysteries about past events (as opposed to future speculation).

    The usual disclaimer: I don’t do On Demand, and I don’t read any other blogs or Wire sites because they’re all infected with spoileritis and proudly displaying their open sores.

    Other disclaimer: I’ve spent the last 14 hours doing multidatabase SQL, debugging Java code I wrote 3 years ago, and trying to understand somebody else’s Rhino performance analysis, and nobody’s reupped my meth so I only got two neurons left firing.

    Good night, po-pos.

  14. Good night, hoppa.

    Meanwhile, my anti-biotics are kicking in and I suddenly have energy, at almost 1 a.m. on a work night…

  15. Ray, I could probably help wif da SQL. Don’t know if y’all could afford me though. It does seem like we work the same hours.

    Yeah, where’s my re-up?

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