Police work … whaddya know?

“They don’t teach it in law school.”

Epigraph for Episode 57, Took.

Discuss first impressions, speculation, etc. Spoilers must be flagged.



  1. Munch!

    Clay Davis as Prometheus- Sheeeee it.

  2. he studyin’ Eye-skil-ee-us? Sheeeeiiit indeed!

  3. OK, so the dope brand I caught was “Troop Surge”. Symbolic of the department’s and the Sun’s reaction to the homeless killer in this episode. Meta-symbolic of the big liie of that “other” troop surge. Clever.

    Watching McNulty basically running the department on the sly with unlimited off-book resources reminded me of Iran-Contra. Which is how my buddy Hiromi believes that conspiracies generally form…like-minded people, with similar or overlapping goals and similar notions about the proper time and place to use questionable means to achieve their goals, meet by accident or by word of mouth, and single acts lead to multiple acts and it snow-balls. Iran-Contra. Watergate. Abu Ghraib. Valerie Plame. The Red Ribbon Killer. And now McNulty is running basically a shadow police department-within-a-department, and he doesn’t know what to do with it so he at least tries to accomplish what he considers good poh-lice work.

    How many of you consider Freamon a good guy doing righteous work? And of you with your hands up, how many of you consider GWB’s abuses of FISA to be evil and nefarious? And how do you reconcile those views? It’s OK because Freamon really is trying to get the bad guy?

    Bubbles had a serenity about him tonight that positively glowed. I wish the season had more time to show how he got there, although it’s a slow, painful, mostly boring journey, I guess.

    I don’t like Dukie hanging out with dope fiends, and I don’t know what’s up with that junk man in the preview from next week (no, it wasn’t Bubbles.) I always thought Dukie would end up saved or dead; it never occured to me he might just become a wraith like the rest of his family, but that looms large now.

    And Kenard, man. I think he’s gonna take Omar’s cane away and just beat him to death with it. The little shrimp has no fear.

  4. I don’t like Dukie hanging out with dope fiends, and I don’t know what’s up with that junk man in the preview from next week (no, it wasn’t Bubbles.) I always thought Dukie would end up saved or dead; it never occured to me he might just become a wraith like the rest of his family, but that looms large now.

    Didn’t Andrew Carnegie start out as a shoe-shine boy?

    I’m not sure what to make of Omar going alone against Marlo’s minions like Rambo vs. the Vietcong. I’m sure he’s doomed. I’m not sure about Marlo himself, though — I think his story is the trope of The Dictator, which might end with assassination by his own dissatisfied troops or his massed enemies. Or it could end as life tenure a la Fidel.

  5. Oh, c’mon! Omar’s gimping is an act now, he wants them to think he is wounded worse than he is! Omar didn’t take over a drug house and flush 4 kilos of raw down the toilet and tie someone up if he is that gimped! Or did he?

    Omar didn’t need the crutch when he blew away Sorvino… so is he acting or did his ankle injury aggravate somehow? I say acting the part.

    I laughed when McNulty says to Lester “Get me out as fast as you can” and Lester without a word, just nods like “whatever Jimmy” and returns to his work. IT is like Lester doesn’t feel threatened at all.

    Ray’s question about Lester? Lester is not so righteous, but he is on the right side. I don’t know exactly how to square the Bush FISA shit exactly except Lester is on a specific case, and they could get a warrant on Marlo’s phone if they wanted,PC wouldn’t be that hard. And then there is the question of telco immunity…

  6. I’ve thought a lot about Lester the last few days. I revisited RM’s Lester the player post. I understand why he’s doing it, I think he believes what he said about seeing the precipitating actions by the PD as “illegitimate.” And that’s honorable motivation.

    re illegal wiretapping, that’s tougher one. I can justify breaking the law for Marlo because Lester knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Marlo and Co. are guilty of multiple murders and more murders will occur if he is not stopped.

    Getting onto Templeton’s phone, for whatever reason, is just wrong. He’s a rat ass liar but the only reason they are doing it is to further their charade. We can still counter though, that it feeds the flow of resources for getting Marlo but it’s too far out on the limb for comfort.


    for me the crucible was Larry Now Donald. There is no “right side” of kidnapping. Lester’s an accomplice. He’s not McNulty, he’s not out of control and that just makes it worse for me. He knowingly went along with it because he thinks he’s right and his identity and pride and whatever else is wrapped up with “getting” Marlo. And he decided that getting Marlo, that “winning” justified violating the rights of a vulnerable human being. He could have stopped it without affecting any other part of the plan. They could have come up with something else, but they didn’t.

    And that’s some sad shit. It doesn’t make his original motivation any less honorable but it puts him way way way over in the darkest shades of the gray area. And I want to know, I’d like to hear, Lester Freamon explain how that was “legitimate.”

    I don’t know if Omar’s acting or not but I re-iterate, he ain’t no superhero. All ya’lls needs to reads yo Greek tragedy, pod’nah.

    fyi, RM, it’s Savino, not Sorvino. Savino was one of the players involved in Kima getting ambushed and shot. (Wee Bay and a dude named Little Man were the trigger men).

  7. I’m not sure how I could compare a case of fictitious fraud against the real life murder of over a million people and the spying 260 million more people. A fictional character who is basically trying to make a real police case, against a real life, honest to god, murderer with a messiah complex.

  8. I would think given how big the story is now that the worker at that shelter would ID the homeless man and McNulty.

    I had to laugh when McNulty was on the other side of the fence when he identified with Daniels as Lester was asking for more and more….careful what you ask for….

  9. Savino, thanks, I don’t spend much time on the boards and he isn’t on the HBO ‘cast and crew.’

    Oh, Omar is not a superhero…noone has said that seriously. He is in the ultimate fight of his life. Omar is itching for a fight and it will come to him… there is already no happy ending for Omar. Try as he may to get Marlo to fight on Omar;s terms, out in the street, it is hard to see that happening. But he sure is up to something, that Omar is… I can’t wait to see what

  10. It’s also clear from the previews that Marlo’s inner circle will come apart next week (not a spoiler, my higher power has removed the On Demand compulsion from me). In the preview, Chris and Snoop and whatsisname talk about not telling Marlo something, and Snoop looks more pained than she did the day she had to throw the nail gun in the lake.

  11. Screw your higher power. Why do you think I’m writing a post at 2:24 in the friggin’ morning.

    So the new DA blew the case on Clay Davis. You think the feds will take it over, just to rub the DA’s nose in it? Or do you think the feds will dole out the ultimate punishment — and let Clay stay in power.

  12. Scout brings up what I kept thinking, too: the story is getting so big, the woman at the shelter is going to see the picture of the guy, and start making some calls.

    I keep thinking, too, if they get Quantico involved and start listening to speech patterns, well, I don’t know how fictitious that stuff is, but it WAS McNulty’s voice. (BTW, it was strange that he used what seemed to me to be a strong NY or Brooklyn accent on that call, and then the script seemed to have people calling it a Baltimore accent. Believe me, as someone from Baltimore, that wasn’t it, hon.)

    The noose is going to tighten around Jimmy’s neck, and it’s hard to imagine how it could end well for him. He can’t solve this red ball, obviously, so how can he make it go away? Short of finding the “murderer” dead…

    Nice nod to “Homicide” in the bar scene with Richard Belzer.

    Another interesting tidbit: Davis’ lawyer, Billy Murphy, was playing himself. He’s a longtime fixture on the Baltimore legal/political scene.


  13. Snabby, I read that the radio DJ interviewing Clay Davis (week before last) was the real life character Clay Davis is modeled on. True?

  14. Virgotex,

    I had to look it up, but yes, that’s Larry Young, a legislator who now is on WOLB.

    A pretty good summary of some of his transgressions is here:

  15. My guess is that the junk man with the mule is the Araber that killed Adena Watson.

  16. No, that’s Risley Tucker’s son and he’s gonna kill Dukie. Mcnulty and Bunk will sweat him in the Box but they have to let him go for lack of evidence.

  17. So the name stays red. Damn.

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