#5 Lake Trout Special: Price is going up edition

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Rules. Follow them.

Friday open thread. Yammering and mouthing off encouraged, likely even rewarded.

Omar and Marlo: Two men enter …

Pick the correct two outcomes below:

A. Omar (himself) kills Marlo

B. Marlo (himself) kills Omar

C. Someone else kills Marlo

D. Someone else kills Omar

E. Marlo survives

F. Omar survives

Political crack/Wire mashup: Pick a Wire character that best corresponds to a political player. Extra points for creative use of photos and/or quotes

Lurkers are given a bona fide “get out of jail free” pass, signed by the local magistrate.



You may spill spoilers as you see fit, but follow the rules

Conform or die by Ray’s hand.




  1. A….AND E!!! Oh yeah!!!

  2. So, Hynotoad (if that is your real name….)

    Marlo is superhuman? He survives being killed by Omar?

    Wanna elaborate?

  3. Omar kills him right…..but then he comes back!!! Thats some superman shit right there.

  4. Indeed.

    And I think we are all ready for David Simon to branch out into sci fi.

  5. I hope the self-promotion is forgivable, but over on my studio’s sketchblog, I’ve been posting Wire art that some folks here might find amusing.


  6. Somebody kills Freamon.

    Chris kills Marlo.

    Omar retires back to the island.

    Bubbles stays clean.

    I’ll put money on any and all of the above.

  7. Wild guessing edition: none of the above. One of the kids in Marloo’s gang kills them both. Michael, maybe?

  8. So that would be C and D.

  9. Also, Brad and Angelina adopt Dukie and Bug. And Michael, if he lives.

  10. Steve, those are awesome.

    I’d love to see the whole series done in comic form.

  11. Steve,

    That drawing of Daniels and Burrell is terrific! It captures the characters and their thoughts during that scene.

    Did anybody see the blog story about the guy who actually died because his boss told him to stop talking abiout “The Wire”?


  12. You’ll put money on it? You gonna be one po bitch. I’ll take Bubbles and Freamon at even money. Oh, and Marlo gonna be deader than Tupac, while Spiderman lives.

    Steve, those are great.

    A and F baby.

    Ivy, those are wild guesses. Maybe Kenard will go all gangster ass and take out Marlo’s whole gang. I say Kenard don’t last the season.

  13. Ray, Jim, Ashley: Thanks! There are several more Wire-Simpsons coming- once you start brainstorming this sort of foolishness, the ideas don’t stop. I have thought of trying a whole scene in the traditional “realistic” brush and ink line I use in my professional work, but that’s something for later.

  14. Ms Tex said:
    So that would be C and D.

    Ya didn’t say it was legal to pick two. And you know how much I love to obey the rules.

  15. Au contraire! I said “pick the correct two outcomes below”

    not that I’m being anal about it or anything….

  16. Ever since college when I was a Love and Rockets fanatic, I’ve loved reality comics, especially about people on the fringes like the punks and cholos in L&R.

    The Wire in graphic novel form would be great.

    Ashley: for you, babe, $20 per prediction, even money. Payable in cash, duck po-boys, bar tab at Snake & Jake’s, or lap dances at She-She’s. Your choice.

  17. when I was a Love and Rockets fanatic

    over at my “back porch”, there’s a piece about my only tattoo in the heads past section- there’ s a Los Bros connection. My ex was a fan, to say the least…

  18. The first page of issue #26, “In The Valley of the Polar Bears”, with Maggie and Ray asleep in bed naked, I always wanted to frame and hang on my wall. I got into L&R while dating a girl named Margaret and that picture always struck me as our Latino alter-egos, Maggie and Ray, same build (at the time), same temperaments and everything. And then we broke up, I broke her heart and she doesn’t know I broke mine too in the process, but it’s not exactly the kind of picture you can hang on the wall once you’ve moved on and gotten married.

    And that was a long time ago….but I still dug out my box of L&R’s tonight…

    Sorry, kinda OT…

  19. Ah jeez…

  20. Piner…what about that skanky chick I went out with that everybody told me looked like Siouxie Sioux, and not in a good way.

    Speaking of Graphic Novels, I’m dying to get my hands on “Daddy Cool: the Graphic Novel” by Donald Goines. I’ve read all the Donald Goines stuff, and his stuff is made for this kind of adaptation.

    Ray, you’re on. Although at She-She’s, $20 will get you a whole lot more than a lap dance.

    I’ve heard…I mean, I wouldn’t know, but I’ve heard.

  21. I’ve never gotten past the parking lot at She-She’s. I think I need to go in the daylight.

  22. I still do not see Omar dying…
    I do not see Marlo staying on the streets, he is either arrested or killed, and getting it from Chris seems likely. Almost too likely.

    Whenever I see a storyline where a powerful character is surrounded by strongmen/followers, rarely does he get attacked by an outsider unless the outsider works through the followers first. Omar has already gone directly at Marlo’s muscle and it nearly killed him, Spiderman magic saving his life.

    That said, I am a little unsure what to make of Omar hitting at the peripheral characters and saying Marlo is too much of a wuss to come out in the street, saying “he doesn’t have the heart”. It seems irrational on Omar’s part, but I still think Omar is in control and knows what he is doing, setting up a play of some kind. We will see. I am wading into Ep 57 late tonight. (Sorry Ray… I really like OnDemand, they just shouldn’t release the episodes early)

    More to follow. Pizza just arrived.

  23. I’ve never gotten past the parking lot at She-She’s. I think I need to go in the daylight.

    She-she’s? I will know NOLA has recovered when you joke about going to a bar called He-She’s.

  24. Those bars are called Oz, the Double Play, and the Round Up, dear, but I don’t know what $20 gets you there, other than an expensive drink for somebody who ain’t going home with you.

    Rue St. Louis is alive and well from a transgendered point of view.

  25. Actually, the Double Play has the cheapest draft beer in the Quarter. And it is also alive from a trans point of view.

    Racy, I agree. Omar is still Omar, and he will not allow himself to get too sloppy.

  26. Omar is still Omar but he’s not Superman or Spiderman.

    That’s completely anti-Simon.

    Go back to your classic mythology

    Omar is a hero

    He is not one of the gods

  27. and Ray, this is Lake Trout time. Nothing is OT.

  28. My mother-in-law called me all excited 20 minutes ago to tell me that she just figured out that Marlo is an anagram for Omar L.

    Buncha fiends.

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