Three free associations

Comments here on Ray’s post got me flipping over my Marlo/Omar index cards again.

1. Marlo used to be simply stone cold, no feelings one way or the other. Remember when his crew pulled up Bubbles and Johnny for scratching up their ride? “Do it or don’t, but I got someplace to be.”

As we’ve noted, Marlo’s changed up some this season. We’ve seen some emotional response from the man. We’ve seen him act on impulse, and we’ve certainly seen some hubris. And yeah, he seemed to actually enjoy reaping the benefits of Prop Joe’s demise. Oh, and watching Chris’ kids at play. So, we can cautiously conclude he’s becoming a bit more human.

Is it too facile an observation to say that Omar is headed in the opposite direction? He’s alone now, like a wounded animal, seemingly uncaring, losing his code, becoming more heartless.

2. It can’t be a coincidence that their names are similar and both reference Mars, the god of war.

3. Marlo’s motivation in the past has fairly consistently been business, and yeah, he says Omar has to fall because he robbed Marlo and because of the heist. Also, we’ve learned someone in Marlo’s position can’t appear weak.

But it’s more, this obsession with killing Omar: Marlo won’t be taken down by a “dicksuck.” Whether it’s his own homophobia or whether being a faggot is the worst form of weakness on the streets, the point’s been made that Marlo won’t stand for being called a dicksuck or for losing a war to a faggot. Remember the conversation in the car before they took out June Bug, Michael asking why Marlo cared so much about people talking shit about him, especially when he knew himself it wasn’t true?

I find it especially ironic since Omar cannot be threatened in the same manner. Marlo has an Achilles heel that Omar doesn’t. Call Marlo a faggot and he’s got to kill you. Call Omar a faggot and he’d just say, “Indeed.”

Damned right he’s a faggot. He’s Dicksuck Prime, bitch.

(No, I don’t really have index cards on this stuff. If I did, I’d do a much better job of posting. )



  1. I’ve got this box of cards labeled “Dicksuck Prime” on my desk. You want me to mail it back to you? Sorry, I meant to return them before you noticed they were gone.

  2. Did you break into my house again?

    What part of Restraining Order do you not understand?

  3. The “order” part. I’m good with the restraining. Want me show you?

  4. Omar is NOT losing his code. You ain’t in the game, you ain’t gots to worry.

    Also, homophobe Marlo is thinking that by calling Omar names, the co-op will rally round him. Ain’t gonna work. Everybody ‘fraid of Omar.

  5. Okay, I was imprecise. If not breaking his code, he’s acting in a way that is un-Omar-like

  6. Homosexuality, bondage… S&M can’t be far behind in this comment thread. I gotta get a regular job.

    I have to come down against Omar bending his code or even being un-Omar-like.

    In fact, his code is strong as ever, and I’m thinking in a warrior-samurai way. They have their code, and it is their ultimate belief in that code that allows them to rise to what appears to us as superhuman in our ordinary physical reality. The warrior wins battles hopelessly outnumbered and seems to defy the laws of time and space … or jumps out of windows without dying.

    They do still live in the same physical reality as the rest of us, of course – they just understand it better.

  7. I gotta get a regular job.

    speaking of which, you aren’t at work tonight?

    their ultimate belief in that code that allows them to rise to what appears to us as superhuman in our ordinary physical reality.

    I have to counter. I think to be loyal to the David Simon view of the world, Omar’s superhero status has to be, by definition, transient. His code is about a standard of behavior, of conduct- he doesn’t kill civilians and he doesn’t curse. I’d also say his careful planning and professionalism are part of the code. Since Tosha was killed by accident back in S3, he’s been even more careful and calculated.

    But that planning and calculation is based in reality.

    And I don’t think he’s been realistic in this quest for vengeance. I think he’s running on luck and he’s trapped and it’s starting to cost him.

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