Marlo ain’t owning up to shit

Just to clear up some confusion in the comments…Marlo did not own up to killing Prop Joe.  He said “I know what you’re thinking, so let me put it out there…I did it” (as in “I know you’re thinking I did it.”).  He then went on to blame Omar for Hungry and Joe’s murder, and upped the bounty on Omar’s head. Going into the meeting, Rick and one other guy said “you’ll know who got the connect, that’s the one that did Joe”, and in the meeting, Marlo says he’s got the connect taken care of, and Rick and pal trade glances.

Later, after Omar sticks up Rick with a beer bottle, Rick asks him if he did Hungry and Joe, and Omar just laughs.  Rick responds “didn’t think so”.

Marlo still publicly maintains that Omar killed Joe and Hungry to get at Marlo, and that’s what he led the co-op believe.  He ain’t admitted shit.   He’s playing the game of kings, of dictators, of Hitler and Stalin.  Dissolved the Reichstag, had his own men burn it down and then blamed outside agitators for it to consolidate loyalty under himself.



  1. Well, TECHnically, he said, “I’m responsible.” And then he said that was because Omar is coming at him, and wants to do so by taking out “people close to me.”

  2. Yeah, but that’s just him being the martyr. “It’s my fault Omar killed Prop Joe because he’s trying to get to me, your new fearless leader” is different from “I killed Prop Joe so I can own all you little bitches”.

    He wasn’t “bragging to the co-op” as one commenter suggested…he was offering false repentence for his mistakes that brought Omar down on Joe.

  3. Rick knows. Soon they’ll all know, assuming they can’t figure it out on their own.

    The more I see this, the more I think that Chris is gonna maybe even take care of Marlo himself — assuming that would somehow convince Omar to let him live. I don’t see Omar taking no prisoners, but since he even got Avon to give up Stringer, I can see him getting Chris to give up Marlo.

    In which case Snoop pops Chris, and goes to work for Marlo.

    And I’m thinking Ray is right — with only 10 episodes instead of 13, this season doesn’t have enough time to be as nuanced.

  4. Exactly. Something is going to come apart in the Marlo/Snoop/Chris gang of three, I’m just not sure which direction it’s gonna go in. Marlo was clearly annoyed with Chris for letting Omar pull off that Spiderman shit, and Chris is seriously nervous about shit now, and I don’t think it’s just about Omar.

    Chris’s kids enter into this somehow, otherwise why do they exist on the show at all? There’s not enough time in the season to just add “family values” depth to Chris’s character, so I speculate that they figure more directly in the plot action.

  5. I’m an idiot: that line should read “In which case Snoop pops Chris, and goes to work for Omar.”

    I can mos def see Snoop as a valued member of Omar’s crew.

  6. Problem is, I think what we “can mos def see” may not have anything to do with anything.

    Probability is one thing, sure, but not in the way most of us would define it.

    Random and chaotic mayhem is rapidly becoming the most probable outcome, in which case….?

    However, I agree about Chris’s kids. They got airtime for a reason. I think they speak to his motivation, his stake, his identity. People depend on him. He has a reason to think about the future and something more than his own ego and money.

  7. Exactement! Avon had the power and the structure to take care of people like Wee-Bey, who took a fall. Does anybody think Marlo will take care of anybody that isn’t providing muscle or dope money for Marlo right here right now?

    Avon had a 401k, Marlo just has an AK. Chris is worried.

  8. From: In the lions’ den:

    “I’m not going to say Butchie was an innocent but I think his refusal to talk wasn’t just him being a good soldier. Butchie was never Omar’s soldier. His exact relation is unclear, but what we do know is that they were family, bound by mutual devotion above and beyond the game, and Butchie kept the faith to the end. We see that borne out by the expression on Omar’s face when he gets the news about Butchie.

    Which brings us to Marlo, Omar’s opposite god of war in the impending battle. Who among his crew has that kind of devotion to him, has faith in him, affection for him transcending the game? Likewise, is there a soul on earth that Marlo would shed a tear for, anyone or any ideal he wouldn’t give up if the price was right?”

  9. I think what’s interesting and important is at the end of that scene he raised the cost of a package and basically killed the co-op (or coop—I’ll never read or say co-op with out thinking coop thanks to the wire)

  10. I always think of Reynaldo saying “coop”

    and methinks Marlo hasn’t taken that same economics class that Stringer was in.

    or maybe he has. That bump should more than cover those “insurance premiums” he paid out to Vondas

    oh, and



  11. SPECULATION only:

    Meant to say earlier in response to Ray: Slim Charles has to play into this end-game mix, if only to take out Cheeze .

    You know he KNOWS.

    Whether he full-on aligns with Omar, who knows, or whether he lives long enough is another question.

  12. Yeah, Slim does not go off quietly into the night. Slim is still a Barksdale soldier, temporarily on leave.

    Marlo’s got nothing but enemies, *including* potentially Chris with a little nudging. He’s not a man you can do business with, everybody in the co-op knows that, the Barksdale’s know that. And Omar just wants his head.

    The business goes best, in terms of money in people’s pockets, when it is in a reasonable steady state, like it was in Season 1 with Barksdale and Prop Joe having basically minor business differences about different details but not a huge amount of fighting over turf. Marlo is fucking up people’s money. So it is in everybody’s best interest for Marlo to be gone, for Omar to retire, and for everybody else to get back to slingin’ dope.

    Note how none of the members of the co-op seem to be in a big hurry to claim that bounty on Omar’s head. Methinks they want Omar to take care of Marlo for them so they can relax again.

  13. I’m not sure. I mean, Omar hates Chris and Snoop just as much as Marlo because they are the ones who actually carried out the deed on Butchie.

    I have no idea how this is going to play out, but I just think that there will be a scant few individuals, on either side of the law, who come out of this season unscathed.

    can’t wait to see…

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