Yeah, there’s a lot of them, but I’m interested in how the downfall of Marlo plays out.

1) They turn up enough stuff on the wire and such to make a big ass case against Marlo, and the “homeless” serial killer goes away

2) They can’t do diddley against Marlo, and the serial killer case bites them all on the ass

3) Omar gets to Marlo first.

I really want to see what happens if Omar gets to Marlo first. What the hell does Lester do then?

[WARNING:  Possible spoilers in comments below]



  1. just found your blog this season and it’s great – thanks much – some of the other “good” blogs have way too many spoliers and many of the other blogs make me cringe.
    i’m ususually just a lurker, but marlo is obviously fascinatiing on many levels. so, i agree – the “outcome” of marlo is big. his fate will represent much of what david simon is trying to convey.

    when omar and brother mouzone got to stringer before mcnulty, mcnulty was heart broken – as kima said he took it like it was his own kin. it’s hard to say how much of that persona lester has adopted – if omar gets to marlo first (and i think omar would take marlo out) will he be satisfied that someone as notorious and ruthless as marlo is no longer around to kill or will he be bothered in some way that he couldn’t put the bracelets on him?

  2. I won’t bet on what Lester’s reaction to not getting Marlo himself might be, but one thing I will entertain bets on is that if and when Lester’s sting nabs Marlo, Lester won’t be upset at not getting credit. In fact, if he has anything to do with, it’s my guess he’d give the credit to Sydnor.

  3. There’s clearly tension between Chris and Marlo, which makes you wonder, where does Snoop’s loyalties really lie? If Marlo decides Chris has failed him in getting Omar, or if Chris decides that Marlo is a threat to his kids (he knows where they live), which way does Snoop go?

  4. er…*do* lie.

    All y’all journalists making me nervous.

  5. Don’t worry, we just thought you were speaking in dialect.

    I try to write conversationally to get stuff out, intending to go back and tidy it up.

    That second part doesn’t always happen though.

    So, which way do Snoop go?

  6. Co:op men all nervous and all now that Marlo jacked the re-up up 30 a brick.
    Marlo doesn’t like meets so that’s out now, too.
    Omar got Michael , but just to deliver a message to Marlo…that ain’t no spoiler, that is from the preview for Sunday. I don’t do On Demand HBO…but I got that spoiler scene from The Wire threads…you know which one…no more need be said…I hope that don’t play out.
    Chris Partlow and Snoop just gotta be dealt with.
    I hope Omar doesn’t wait too long to off Marlo—long time comin’
    Marlo makes the Sopranos look like alterboys…braggin’ to the co:op how he was responsible…now gonna B hidin’ out after tellin’ thje co:op -ers to sit on their grievances from now on—–virgotex–Snoop go DOWN !! In a heap when Omar done wit’ her!

  7. I don’t like the spoiler tone this thread is taking.

    Y’all need to CHILL THAT SHIT OUT! All we know from the preview is Omar had a gun on Michael, nothing more. If you’re saying anything more, you’re a spoiler mother fucker and I’m gonna take a nail gun to your balls.

  8. Seriously, if you just posted a spoiler your ass should be permanently banned.

  9. Dexter’s posts have been flagged and I sent an email warning.

    Reminder: we don’t ban on the first offense.

  10. Jeez, Ray, turn it down from 11, will you? Dexter’s a visitor from my site, and you don’t have to go all Snoop on him just yet.

  11. Got it. Will keep it at 9.

  12. I’ll watch my language around the newsroom, too, in order to foster a more congenial working atmosphere.

    ‘cuse me, I need a smoke out at at the loading dock.

  13. Do more with less, Ray.

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