#4 Lake Trout Special, Carry Out edition: Open Thread

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You guys got this down by now.

Friday open thread. Yammering and mouthing off encouraged, likely even rewarded.

Here’s a thought. We talked about dead vs. surviving already, but tell us what would surprise you most if it happened.

McNulty climbing back onboard the wagon, Marlo going legit, Omar going back to Puerto Rico, taking Rawls with him…

Lurkers are given a bona fide “get out of jail free” pass, signed by the local magistrate.



You may spill spoilers as you see fit, but follow the rules

The pure of heart still walk among us.


Though they are rarer by the minute…

Damn, I had lousy luck with screencaps this week.   End of the season, everyone is moving so fast…



  1. Kima goes to Puerto Rico, taking Rawls with her. That would be weirder than Omar taking him.

  2. Kima and Snoop hook up

  3. strange search term of the day:

    “marlo point being, they wore it”

    I’m thinking must refer to the ring.

  4. I saw Syriana again last night. It had both Templeton and the judge. Templeton was the same character, except he worked for the feds.

    Surprise: McNutty sees Bubbles, talks to him, and Bubbles becomes his sponsor in AA.

  5. I remember Gerety. I don’t remember the other guy.
    It’s hard not to compare Bubbles and McNulty as they appear to be heading in the opposite direction- Bubs, up and McNulty, down.

  6. I fell asleep at my computer this morning with these surprises listed:

    1. Omar IS Spiderman
    2. Snoop wears a dress
    3. Landesman becomes a vegetarian
    4. Lester listens to Burl Ives on a stakeout

    I would be even more surprised if

    Gus goes corporate and stops cussing
    Chris walks away (or tries to) from the game because … he cares about something

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris took out Marlo, and realistically, he’s in the best position to do so.

    He’s always played the consigliere as well as assassin but last week, there were a couple of places where it seemed like he was acting as full peer to Marlo.

    Plus he’s got more at stake. He’s got a family to support. Marlo got no one.

  8. I noticed that too. Chris is acting towards Marlo a little bit the way Stringer acted towards Avon in seasons past. Only Avon was always suspicious, always on guard. Marlo clearly thinks he’s the indisputable king…he wanted to go to Atlantic City to celebrate, as if there was nothing left that could hurt him, as if he is irreplaceable to The Greek now that Prop Joe is gone.

    But Vondas said, “Only you, or your second”…so he perceives Chris not as hired muscle, but as Marlo’s #2, and he is willing to work with Chris. Meaning if Marlo is gone (by whatever means), Chris can easily step up.

    And I imagine Avon is still forging alliances via the Russians in Jessup, so it may be that The Greek knows he has multiple avenues to the street if it should come to that.

    Marlo thinks he is The Fucking Man, and we know what happens to them types…Achilles, Oedipus…Marlo never wanted to play the son when he whacked Joe, and Oedipus didn’t know he was playing the son when he whacked Laius. Which makes you think Marlo’s gonna take one in the eye. (And makes you wonder where his mom comes in.)

  9. Gbenga tells TV Guide today that the girl and child Chris says goodbye to in Ep. 56 is actually supposed to be his sister, and he’s surprised that most viewers think he is married and has a family.

  10. Marlo refers to her as “your girl.”

    There’s a lot of room for inference between “your girl” and “your sister.”

    either way, he’s got a family.

  11. Maybe “your girl” referred to the kid; I’d have to go back and watch.

    A sister taking care of his motherless child while he’s running the streets wouldn’t be out of the question, would it?

  12. quite possibly so, wise man. Which would also speak to his concern about being gone for more than a week. That’s a long time to be separated from a toddler.

  13. Hello my friends 🙂

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