Dead pool

We are all doing it in our heads, so let us get it on paper. Who do you think is least likely to make it out of Season Five alive? And if you choose to share, why not?

Remember, this is Wire logic, not “regular” teebee logic.

Also, no spoiler-informed choices. Wild-ass guesses only.



  1. My leading contenders:

    Mike’s mother

  2. Wild ass guesses, not a lot of logic behind it yet:

    Alive: Omar, Brother Mouzone, Snoop, Micheal, Bug, Bunk, Kima, Herc, The Greek and all his friends, and all the politicians.

    Dead: Marlo (killed in jail by Avon’s gang), Chris (by Omar), Randy (after testifying), Dukie (just ’cause), Slim Charles, one major cop (either Freamon or McNulty, I’m not sure, but guessing Freamon, caused by McNulty’s ineptness and drunkenness)

    In Jail: Avon, Wee-bay, the Russian, Clay Davis

    Alive and CLEAN: Bubbles

    Also, terrorists kill half the management at the Sun with an anthrax letter.

  3. Alive: Omar, Mouzone, Bug (cause the tragedy for him is making it out but nobody to take care of him), Bunk, Levy, Kima, all the distributors (why? Can you picture Marlo’s greedy ass ever flushing all that dope, like Vondas did?) , all the politicians

    Dead: Marlo, Chris, Snoop, Cutty (by Michael), Randy (whacked by Michael), Michael (cause Bug has to make it without him), Dukie (see: Michael), McNutty, Freamon, Bubbles (you need to re-read The Corner if you think this is some tale of redemption, Ray. He gonna be deader than Tupac.)

    Dunno: Slim Charles, Herc

    I think Herc may make it out alive simply because that would be the worst outcome for him.

  4. It’s easier to just give my Deads, because life and death is, how you say, binary? If you’re not on the dead list, you’re alive.

    So, dead:

    Omar, McNulty, Cheese, Chris (in the place of Marlo), Dukie.

    Other predictions: Gus Haynes leaves the paper for public relations. Templeton gets a column, Alma stays where she is. Freamon has to take the punishment McNulty escapes by dying, and I’m not feeling good about Bunk at the moment, either. What does this show teach us? The good are punished, the crafty succeed and grace touches only randomly. I’m thinking maybe Bubbles makes it out alive, but I think Omar’s string has run out. His Spiderman act has to be answered by the Fates.

  5. Forgot about Cheese.

    mos def ded

  6. I’m only reading “The Corner” for the first time, and I’m not that far in since Mardi Gras just tore through, but AFAIK, Fran Boyd is still alive, still clean, and recently married to a former stick-up man, and Simon calls her his only remaining hero, so it wouldn’t be out of line for everybody’s favorite junkie to make it out alive.

    I think Bubbles stays clean. This is not “Reservoir Dogs” or “The Passion of the Christ”, where the theme is “everybody dies, motherfucker”. Some addicts do get clean in the real world (Fran Boyd and me, for example), some corner boys and girls do grow up to live on the straight and narrow (Cutty, Felicia Pearson). Simon wants reality, not unrelenting carnage and death to all, so to argue that Bubbles must die because Simon is producing is mis-reading his intent.

    I’m not saying it’s 100% that Bubbles lives. He’s not grasping how sobriety works yet, he’s got a lot of unresolved pain that he’s not ready to look at….we haven’t seen him actually working the steps, so who knows? And junkies that stay clean for over a year and then go back out often do it to die.

    But I want Bubbles clean more than I want Marlo dead.

    I also want Levy in jail but that would take years. Maybe somebody should just kill him. Any volunteers?

  7. Bubbles will live.

    Dead: McNulty, Omar, both Greeks, Michael

    Leaving Dukie to raise Bug, thus giving him a purpose where he sees none.


  8. Both greeks? A is goin for the long shot!

  9. Dead:

    McNulty, Cheese, Chris, Snoop. Michael. I have a bad feeling about Dukie, but I hope I am wrong. Clay Davis. A Greek. As goes Lester, so goes Marlo… if Lester lives, so does Marlo. If Marlo dies, so does Lester. As long as I am wild-ass guessing.

    If Omar didn’t die in 55, I don’t think he will die.

  10. Dead: Jimmy, Omar, Michael, Marlo, Snoop.

    I think Bubbles is going to make it, if for no other reason than that Simon and Burns have already told Gary’s story in The Corner.

  11. Steve, you may have a point. I didn’t think Cutty would make it out of season 3, but he did. Bubbles may make it, but I’ve probably just been seeing too many parallels with Bubbles and Gary McCullough. While reading The Corner I was rooting like hell for Gary, and could not have cared less about Fran making it out. Well, Gary didn’t make it, but Fran did. So there is redemption in real life, but there’s also painful tragedy.

    Cheese is dead, no doubt.

    And the “Greeks” are too careful to get done.

  12. We only got a glimpse at the muscle that the Greeks employ in Season 2. They know they can’t run the street and they don’t want anything to do with the street, but back in the shadows they’ve got a ruthless fucking army if they need it. They’re safe.

  13. When Marlo’s former mentor, Vinson, the owner of the rim shop showed up this last week, I thought he was Hungry Man from last week and I assumed that Hungry Man had helped Marlo, et al, to lure Cheese into a trap, and then once he’d done his thing, they got rid of Cheeese. I know it doesn’t make that much sense, but Vinson does look a lot like Hungry Man and we haven’t seen him since last season, so I ass-u-me’d .

    All by way of saying that I don’t think anyone expects Cheese has much of a shelf life.

  14. Wasn’t it established somewhere along the way that The Greek isn’t really Greek?

  15. The last verse of “The Farmer In The Dell” (Omar’s whistle) goes “The Cheese stands alone, The Cheese stands alone, Hi-ho the dairy-o, The Cheese stands alone…”

    Cheese is toast. No doubt. By Omar. And he has to sing it, not whistle.

    If I start trying to match up Wire characters with the rat, the cat, the dog, the child, the farmer, or his wife, slip me a couple Ambiens and put me back to bed before I embarrass myself.

    “The Greek” is eastern European, Russian I’m pretty sure.

  16. If I start trying to match up Wire characters with the rat, the cat, the dog, the child, the farmer, or his wife, slip me a couple Ambiens and put me back to bed before I embarrass myself.

    that kind of stuff is my territory- I have no shame re my deconstructuralist text mining proclivities

  17. Gus Haynes leaves the paper for public relations.

    Think they’ll end with a comic “where are they now?” credits run like in Animal House?

    “Senator and Mrs. James and Nerese McNulty”…

    (or maybe Nerese is the Senator and McNutty is the Mrs.)

  18. Yeah, that’s why I put “Greek” in quotes. Vondas and “The Greek” laugh about the “not even Greek” think at the end of Season 2. Remember how they found the cache of Vondas’ passports?

    Wikipediasts seem to think that “The Greek” is Hungarian, Russian, Cypriot, or Armenian.

    And don’t forget — The “Greeks” have an inside man at the FBI. They’re bulletproof.

    I do like the Animal House style “where are they now” credits. “Take the Fayette Street dopehouse tour. Ask for Snoop.” That, and Senator Poot.

  19. “Army Reserve Captain Rawls, deployed to Iraq, 2009. Killed by own troops.”

  20. Or maybe Poot will become a physician who creates a superantibiotic that kills every form of VD known to man.

  21. Omar and Marloo die.

  22. I think Omar is The One and will have to fight 10,000 identical Snoop agents generated by the Matrix.

    After all, he survived the jump.

  23. Is that my Ivy? I thought you weren’t watching?

    and Ray, technically that’s an unflagged spoiler or speculation

  24. I haven’t seen 56. It’s speculation. He either survived the jump or magically tranfsormed himself into a flowering shrub.

    Or didn’t jump, but flew away on Buckbeak…

  25. allowed.

    but now that you’ve partaken of the KoolAid someone has to look after The Vast Unspoiled

  26. Virgotex: I’m guilty of a bit of it, too: Last year on H&H, I posted the four boys as the four elements:

    And now that we know how things turned out, I kinda think it still works, particularly for Nay and Randy…

  27. Steve, that’s good stuff.

  28. definitely Steve. All good.

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