Simon, New Orleans, and the Davis Rogan connection

First, to set the stage, the standard NuPac head shot. Davis Rogan, Ben Franklin High School yearbook, 1982:


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“Like the boys in so many cities”

NOT AN ENDORSEMENT, merely an observation.

Clip from near the end of Obama’s speech last night. Knowing that The Wire is  his favorite show, did anyone else ponder a connection here?   Not that it matters, because the story about those boys in the street is true no matter where you go, but does anyone know if his use of this vignette predates Season Four of The Wire?

Dead pool

We are all doing it in our heads, so let us get it on paper. Who do you think is least likely to make it out of Season Five alive? And if you choose to share, why not?

Remember, this is Wire logic, not “regular” teebee logic.

Also, no spoiler-informed choices. Wild-ass guesses only.