Time has come today

“Tomorrow ain’t promised to no one…meanwhile, we go on.”

It makes some sense that, in a 10 episode season, the episode at the halfway mark, the bottom of hour, would be all about time.

And I do mean all about, from the dialog to the songs chosen for the episode. Almost every scene mentions or is concerned with time, be it specific or in abstract: the nature of time, its passing, age, deadlines, waiting for things to happen, wishing they hadn’t happened, the changes people go through, or don’t, or can’t yet.

In some sense, this is again returning to the “laws of the universe” basics, numbers and probability. The stuff one ignores at their own risk. Actions and their opposite reactions. Masters like Levy and Nerese are setting events into play, anticipating those reactions.

Then there’s McNulty…

“This is life, Jimmy! This is the stuff that actually matters!”

Welcome to your life
Theres no turning back
Even while we sleep
We will find you
Acting on your best behaviour
Turn your back on mother nature

Everybody wants to rule the world but few are actually able to pull shit like that off.

“Do it feel like a crown on your head right now?

Do it?

Cause that’s what I’m wearing on my head. We should celebrate.”

Did anyone else rub their eyes and shake their head at that point to make sure they were seeing and hearing correctly? Marlo…expansive, if not outright giddy? Quoting Walter Payton? Openly showing affection for Chris with a pat on the back, wanting to celebrate? Smiling? At children?


Good to be king, or at least think you are. I think there’s still a chance he could be played by Vondas and the Greek, but as noted, he’s likely their best bet for moving the drugs. For now, he keeps moving like the highly developed predator that he is.

Omar on the other hand, never should have looked back. He’s outgunned and playing defense and it’s not even about the game, it’s not about anything he can win or fix, and if Butchie was here, he’d probably be the first one to tell him to go back to Puerto Rico and ‘Naldo and the sunny little house on the beach. Instead, here he is on the dark end of the street, off his game and getting played. Oh, and RIP, Donnie.

“What the hell’s wrong with The Ramones?”



  1. Damn, now I have to play the YouTube half a dozen times before I get any other goofing off done today.

  2. Too bad, your mind’s been psychedelicized.

  3. Psychedelicized, huh? I hear a train….

  4. Were there any trains in this episode? I didn’t notice any.

  5. Nary a train sound did I hear in Ep 55.

  6. So I guess you wont be posting anything else then?


  7. With McNulty and Freamon and Omar and Templeton, it all boils down to that bit of standard 12-step advice that Walon gave Bubbles…it’s all an excuse to avoid living in the here and now. Shame (or vengeance, or proving yourself right)…it ain’t worth it. Let it go.

    Omar used to be all about The Game but he’s totally off the game board now in pursuit of vengeance. McNulty and Freamon are so obsessed with the wire and Marlo that they’re not even doing good police work any more. Templeton so desperately wants to engineer outcomes and escape his shaming at the Post interview and escape his own here and now at the Sun that he’s manufacturing serial killers in unwitting cahoots with McNulty.

    And poor Bubbles can’t find his own place in the present. He hoped he had the bug, because then he could be a victim, but even victimhood has been stolen from him. As an ex-junkie, he’s nothing but a dishwasher now.

    At least he’s got a sponsor. Omar, McNulty, Freamon, Templeton, all need to get themselves to a compulsive *insert-here* Anonymous meeting and get some fucking humility.

    Only Marlo still has his eyes on the game board, but Marlo’s sweating hubris out of his pores like a wino sweating booze. And we all know Simon loves him some Greek tragedies, and we all know what hubris leads to in that milieu.

    Did anybody else notice Freamon’s quote from 54 about the biting scheme: “I’ll take it to my grave.” Foreshadowing?

    The only guy that’s done a damn bit of old-fashioned poh-lice work is Herc. And we thought he was stupid. Fucking idjit is working his way into a double-agent role. Bad-ass.

  8. The only guy that’s done a damn bit of old-fashioned poh-lice work is Herc.

    Nothing against Herc, his motive is obviously right on, but don’t tell me you believe that Levy didn’t manipulate him into taking that action!

    Like he said, he’s looking forward to the attorney’s fees once they caught on a wire. He wants that number to be bugged.

    they’re just ATM machines to him.

    I did love that scene with Herc and Carver.

    You really think Freamon is out of control? I’m not sure. Remember, he’s the one back in S2 that called McNulty on his shit and told him he needed to get a life.
    I think he feels he’s got to help keep the train on the track with this serial killer story.

    Don’t ax, don’t tell. It’s like one of those guys suckin’ dick in the army.”

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