Deep Background on Mr. Boston, Please.

I have not seen this connection written about elsewhere, so here are some tasty bits for trivia obsessed NuPakers.

The homeless man Templeton talks to in episode 55 says he is “Nathan Levi Boston.” He tells Templeton he knows who committed the murders and asks him, “Do you believe Satan walks the earth in fleshly form?” On a whim, I do some name tracing.

Here is Nathan Levi Boston:


Here is Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah:


Nathan Levi Bar-Jonah was arrested for the kidnapping and murder of 10 year old Zachary Ramsay, and allegations of cannibalism surfaced in the case. Reading about him, it seems he is as close as imaginably possible to “Satan walking the earth in a fleshly form.” According to Wikipedia:

In the Ramsay case, it was alleged that Bar-Jonah not only murdered Zachary, but also cut up his body and served him (in spaghetti sauce, “deer burgers”, casseroles, and meat pies) to the boy’s unsuspecting neighbors at a cookout. An FBI agent deciphered some notes left in Bar-Jonah’s handwriting which turned out to be a menu for cooking up human meat. A former roommate testified that Bar-Jonah boasted Zachary’s body would never be found because it was chopped and scattered. Another key piece of evidence was a bloody glove and a pair of soiled pants worn by a young boy. Pieces of human bones were also found on his property; however, none turned out to be from Ramsay. The charges involving Ramsay were ultimately dismissed.

Although the charges in the Ramsey case were dismissed, in 2002 Bar-Jonah was convicted and sentenced to 130 years in prison for the kidnapping, aggravated assault and sexual assault of three other youths.

Originally born as “David P. Brown,” Bar-Jonah changed his name while incarcerated, serving time in Massachusetts at the Bridgewater State Hospital for Sexual Predators. He was serving “18 to 20 years” in prison for the 1977 conviction for attempted murder of a young boy. He was released in 1991 and allowed to move to Montana with his mother.

Bar-Jonah had a thing for impersonating police officers, using the disguise to manipulate his victims. It was an arrest for impersonating a police officer that led to the discovery of incriminating evidence in other crimes.

More links on Nathaniel Benjamin Levi Bar-Jonah.



  1. gahhhhh

    I had included that quote on the list to highlight in the quote widget this week.

    Funny how Templeton just turns and leaves. Then later, when McNulty’s telling him about the biting serial killer, he’s all, “A biter! That’s great!”

  2. Have you seen the connection I am making elsewhere in your Wire journeys?

  3. no, but I haven’t journeyed much about this episode. I usually wait till the middle of the week before i start looking at the other Wire sites.

  4. To me, the best thing about Nathan Levi Boston is that he was played by Joe Hansard who played gearhead Jimmie Lee Shields, Jenny Goode’s killer from the pilot of “Homicide: Life on the Street.” Hansard was the first suspect, first killer, and first on that show to get the famous “Homicide” triple-take edit, “I was drinkin’, I was drinkin’, I was drinkin’.”

  5. That triple-take cut was a thing of beauty.

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