Newton’s Third Law?

Epigraph for Episode 55, React Quotes:

“Just because they’re in the street doesn’t mean they lack opinions.”

Discuss if you wish.

[WARNING: Possible spoilers appear in some comments]



  1. I think the fact that the liar McNulty and the liar Templeton are interacting the way they are is goofy and contrived. The realism is leaking out of this season at an alarming rate. I would love it if the whole serial killer subplot were just completely axed. It irks me, I don’t enjoy it, it’s not believable, and it makes even characters I like behave like annoying bitches, even Bunk. At this point the only people on the show I like any more are Omar, Michael, Dukie, and Bubbles, and if Omar did anything BUT crawl away into the bushes to hide with two broken legs I’m gonna hate his Spiderman ass too.

  2. I disagree with everything you say, but I love to hear this kind of dissent from a person who I know loves the show. Unlike say the guys over at Slate.

  3. Well, the “Omar is Spiderman” was a weak spoiler, eh?

    The serial killer thing, I also have mixed feelings about it. Trying to work a post.

  4. I loved the way that McNulty’s lie and Templeton’s lie come together. I’m loving each story line in this season. This season, IMHO, is full steam ahead, can’t wait to see where they go from here.

  5. Well, the “Omar is Spiderman” was a weak spoiler, eh?

    consider yourself vindicated, though to be honest, even though I watched the episode online a few days early and again tonight, I didn’t think about the relevance of the Spiderman thing till you mentioned it again…

    And Tito, did you get the impression that McNulty is on to Templeton? I did. There’s that one look after Templeton’s voice gets all squeaky and incredulous, “He called you too?” It seemed like McNulty made him. However, later, he’s explaining to Lester that he realized that this whole thing worked into the fake wiretap, so maybe that’s what he was thinking. Or, he was lying to Lester too…. Anyway, I too am enjoying it, and unlike the esteemed Mr. Shea, I don’t find it that predictable, not entirely anyway.

    Plus, I have the urge to put money in your Paypal account for saying you liked us better than Slate….

  6. Slate’s TV Club absolutely sucks this year. I mean, it’s okay to not like the show, but their approach has been completely offensive.

    I’ve been debating who knows what between McNulty and Templeton. I get the feeling that McNulty knows for sure and that Templeton is still clueless, like he might actually believe he hit the jackpot with his lie coinciding with Homicide recieving a similar call. But yeah, McNulty’s smile also could have just been his figuring out how to get Lester’s wire tap – as he explained later to Lester. I think McNulty detects the BS.

    Omar’s leap, to me, appearred to be from 3 stories up. Definately managable with adreniline taking over the rest once you hit the ground. That being said, I wasn’t ready to see Omar go, so I’ll gladly take fantastical.

    How ’bout Herc trying to redeem himself?

    What the hell is Vondas doing with his phones?

    The scene with Lester and Daniels in his office was powerful, I thought.

    Bubs is negative? The real life Bubbles died of HIV related illness. Bubs is so guilt striken I guess he wanted a death sentence. Where does he go from here?

    so much great suff coming to head.

  7. Will the death of Prop Joe get more notice or was that it, a brief mention in the murder round-up for the day? Who are the homicide detectives who caught that case? I’m sure Kima would recognize his real name or maybe others from the MCU, but not others in Homicide? It says a lot about the city and its institutions that one of the city’s biggest drug dealers gets shot in his own home and no one notices. The fact that he was shot point blank in the head at close range shows that it was a hit of some sort. I don’t think Chris and Marlo would care enough to make it look like a botched robbery or something. Maybe this storyline is one of the casualities of a 10-episode season.

    It was a tough choice between the closely played Super Bowl and the new episode (no onDemand or DVR here). If it was a blow-out, we were certainly going to switch over and watch the new ep. We decided to stay up and watch the 10:30pm reairing instead. We couldn’t bear to wait for the Monday night reairing.

  8. It is tragically ironic that the police seem to be Keystone Kops, thanks to McNulty’s theatrics, which are due to (mostly) to the budget cuts, while under their noses, all this major movement is happening with the major players in the drug trade. By the time they “get up on Marlo” via the phone number or texting or whatever it is Vondas showed him, they will have missed a great deal of the game.

  9. I think I’ve figured out Marlo’s phone, but I’m so sure I’m right I’m tagging it as a spoiler, so look away if you’re not interested.











    They’re using some sort of photo code.

  10. Damn! I put in 17 returns, Becky! Kill that one if you wish.

  11. you have to actually type i text or insert a line break code for it to work, nn.

    If you are just speculating, it’s not a spoiler, but you sound like a woman in the know, so we’ll leave the tags.

    Anyone, I need help because I’m obsessing on a line of dialogue I can’t make out. It’s in the next to the last of Omar and Donnie’s classic R&B stakeout scenes (I always think Donnie looks in love with Marlo and in these scenes I halfway expected them to start making out.)

    Anyway, it’s the one where Donnie cuts away from the song to listen to a snippet of Davis’s speech, then comes back to the music and the camera pulls away and a few seconds later Donnie says something that I can’t make out and Omar answers, “Nahhhh”

    Special prize for the one who can tell me what it is that Donnie says.

    It’s not easy bein’ this obsessive….

  12. Wouldn’t it be great if they brought back Presbo to crack the code!

  13. “Vondas has super-Poked you! Throw a sheep at, high-five, slam dunk, or oh snap Vondas back!”

  14. Photo code? Huh? Like an MMS pic of something that has numbers/letters on it?

    Oh, and yeah, McNulty nailed the sumbitch. Jayson Blair thinks that there’s a real serial killer, and he is determined to get the scoop so he can get over to WaPo. McNutty just threw out the chum, and this dumb sumbitch went into a feeding frenzy.

    Now, I’d normally agree with Ray that Blair is a thin, one dimensional character, but then again, I’ve known overly ambitious clueless people like this. So I’m not seeing it as a flaw.

    And McNutty’s behaviour is just him spinning out of control. I mean, even McNutty usually goes back to her place instead of just doing it on a hood. Between the Jameson’s and the serial killer and losing Major Crimes and the cutbacks…he’s just doing what he’s always done — the non-by-the-book thing. Only this time, it looks like he’s pissing off enough people to lose his badge.

    Imagine that — McNulty without a badge.

    I can’t.

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