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  1. I am spoiled, I am almost afraid to say anything. I couldn’t resist. Prop Joe getting blown away was a little unsettling for me.

  2. So you have On Demand now? I thought you didn’t? Or have you been out hunting down spoilers?

  3. I watched 55 On Demand as well. It’s non-stop Mardi Gras crazy from now til Tuesday night, and I didn’t want to risk seeing a spoiler before I saw the episode. So I’ll keep my mouth shut, except to say that Number 6 doesn’t discover who is behind The Village after all.

    Working on a post about future SImon joints, but I need to scan a 9th grade yearbook shot of Davis Rogan first.

  4. Is that an unflagged spoiler in your comment, Ray?

  5. Maaaan. I’m gonna totally tell you what “rosebud” means.

  6. So, is everything in my speculation post wrong? Is that why no one commented?

    Does this comment make me look insecure?

  7. I didn’t comment on your post before because of other shit going on in the real world getting in the way of my analytic skills. And now that I’ve peeked ahead, I can’t comment without giving anything away.

    It could be that everything in your post is wrong and you look like a complete dumbass. But if it makes you feel any more secure, it could be that everything in your post is right and you look like either a genius or like somebody who bought the answers ahead of time from Prop Joe for a small handling fee.

    Or a combination of the two.

    In any case, it’s too late for me to comment on that post, I’m tainted.

    I wish I could get next week’s race results from The Fairgrounds on On Demand like that.

  8. F*ck you.

    (And I say that fondy)

  9. *smooch*

  10. Cut it out you two. This is a family blog.

  11. If It wasn’t a family blog that wouldn’t have been a *smooch*.

  12. They started On Demand here about a day before the first show of the new season. I didn’t mention it? Oh well. Comcast still sucks balls.

  13. Spoiler

    Spoiler Alert


    Spoiler Alert


    Spoiler Alert


    Spoiler Alert


    Spoiler Alert




    Don’t know what else to say. And that is a weak – ass spoiler, eh?

  14. Kinda interesting Prop Joe had a cane for his last scene. He was getting around without ia cane the rest of the show. Then, in his final scene, like an old man, he grabbed his cane to try to get up, but his trip into old age was interrupted. He talked of how he had treated Marlo like a son. Cheese had just said,”Old man with all your money how come you care about this?…”

    Prop Joe reached Old Man status, didn’t really get to live it. There are no old players in the game.


    f*ck you too.

  16. I will be attending a Superbowl get-together and will not have access to HBO on Sunday. For the first time that I can remember, I won’t be able to watch The Wire until the Monday night re-runs. I guess I should quit reading The Package until Tuesday.

  17. f*ck you too.

    Do you say it fondy?

  18. Just a warning everyone, there is a VERY, VERY MAJOR SPOILER that has found its way to the Internet today. It’s going spread like wildfire in the coming days, so be very careful about what sites you visit.

  19. Right you are, Andrew.

  20. Hey Andrew or virgotex, if you happend to get back here, I was wondering is the spoiler that is going around from episode 55 or something from 56 and beyond?

    I’ve seen 55 but not past that.

    thank you.

  21. Check the HBO forums for your answer Tito, that’s where i saw it.

  22. Tito, the spoiler is from beyond the initial seven episodes that were sent out to critics. General speculation identifies it as episode 58. It isn’t some vague hint or anything, but an actual clip from the episode. It’s on YouTube (for now), but I strongly advise not watching it.

  23. Hiya. I delurk now.

    I was a huge Homicide fan and was overseas when I found out that David Simon was making a new series. When I came back here I got the first two seasons on Netflix, but haven’t been able to catch up on seasons 3 and 4 ’til now. I may go back into hiding for a while ’cause my Wire knowledge is low, though.

    I don’t understand the show’s low ratings. The show fucken elevates the medium. It’s funny how the (very few) fans I meet IRL are like Wire evangelicals.

  24. Heya Hiromi, welcome — and I hope you return.

    Preachin’ to the choir about the show and lack of viewers’ appreciation. My first guess is that people think it’s too “hard” to get into, meaning they have to pay close attention and things are not spelled out for them in big letters and there are few happy endings. Sad, isn’t it?

    I’m somewhat encouraged by the amount of publicity received by this last season, however. People I know who never heard of the show seem to know what it is, at least. I think more will come to it over time via DVD rentals.

    My nephew-in-law, for example, resisted watching it for a long time, despite my encouragement. I knew he would love it if he just gave it a chance. This year, he finally got into it and now he’s absolutely rabidly obsessed. He won’t even read this blog because he’s only up to S3 and doesn’t want to be spoiled.

    I think it will stand the test of time, unlike many other more “popular” series. Sadly, I also think events in this country will bear Simon/Burns, et al, out as the prophets that they are.

  25. WRT to why the show isn’t more popular, I think it might have to do with how grim it is. I agree that the show is prophetic, and maybe it’s not something that a lot of people want to see. It’s almost reverse escapism.

    I remember when The Corner was aired. Maybe now I could watch it, but when I initially tried, I couldn’t take it. It was just too sad.

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