#7 Lake Trout Special: been caught stealing edition

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Friday open thread.

Eyes on your own work!  Miz Nall has sharp eyes …

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Wire mirroring reality #739: Templeton works at the Ft. Wayne News-Sentinel

Nancy’s too modest to post this up here, but she has done Gus-like yeoman work, and has found that Tim Goeglein, White House Public Liaison officer and Karl Rove gopher, is a stone cold red-handed plagiarist.

Look for the chatter to come down from Romenesko today like wild.

Kudos to Nancy.  Kudos to Gus. 

Update: Tim Goeglein resigns.

Wire Tuneage

There’s a very cool feature on music supervisor Blake Leyh over on HBO:

… music supervisor Blake Leyh – who, on another show, might compose sweeping themes and clever montages – has to fight the instinct to draw sentimental connections through song choice. “I want to make the scene less emotional, less melodramatic,” he says. “We put music in there as a device to push you away from the people a little bit. It’s something you would so rarely do in a Hollywood movie; you would want to pump up the emotion. But on ‘The Wire,’ so often we’re trying to go against that.”

See also the sidebar (be sure and click on the song titles) featuring songs “you never heard on the The Wire” and why.

…like a train that is nearly always late

Speculation, not spoilers.

In 58, while Sydnor is doing surveillance on Marlo and Monk, a train passes by on the el in the background. (Dunno if they call it an el in Bal’more. So shoot me. No, wait, don’t.)

We’ve talked a lot about trains foreshadowing death in The Wire. Was this Omar’s train? But Omar died a lot earlier in the episode. Monk? Who cares? Marlo? Maybe, but maybe not.

So I’m thinking about Sydnor, and the repercussions of McNulty’s hubris. We all know that fate will deal McNulty a big steaming cup of remorse by the end of the season, and it’s not just going to be some trivial shit like getting put back on harbor patrol.

What’s the worst thing that has ever happened to McNulty? Not losing touch with his kids. Not fucking up every relationship he’s ever had.

No, the worse thing that we’ve seen happen to McNulty was when Kima got shot and McNulty thought she was going to die and it was all his fault. Like Winston Smith and his fear of rats, the thing that scares McNulty most, the thing that would tear him right in half, is to be responsible for getting a police killed.

Which brings me back to Sydnor. Who has been out doing surveillance in unfamiliar neighborhoods, in plainclothes, stopping at intersections to peer into a map…in a rental car, courtesy of McNulty’s shadow department. They made a big deal about the police getting rental cars, but as anybody who lives in a carjacking kind of city knows, stopping at an intersection in a rental car in a sketchy neighborhood to focus on a map is like wearing a sign that says “Please shoot me and steal my car.”

The camera shot from the passenger seat, showing Sydnor with his nose in his map and the open driver’s side window next to him, I expected him to get popped right then.

And then there’s the train, which Sydnor got a good look at through the binoculars.

I wouldn’t put money on Sydnor catching a bullet, but at this point I am pretty much expecting it.

I need to lie down.

Didn’t write much last week, I know. I watch my Wire On Demand, spend the week thinking about it, then post something after you proles without superpremium cable get caught up. And as you know, the new episode goes up a mere two hours after the last one airs for the first time.

And after watching Ep. 8, I felt…as though…how to put this? As though a little kid had walked up to me in a convenience store and put one in my dome.

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Me and my lonesome

” A lie ain’t a side of a story. It’s just a lie.”

-Terry Hanning

Epigraph for Episode 58, Clarifications.

Discuss first impressions, speculation, etc. Spoilers must go here.

We’re All in This Alone: Final Thoughts on “Took”

“Took,” as in “got took.” Fooled, conned, manipulated or lied to. See also owned, pwned, punked.

A week of thinking about this episode didn’t yield much of anything new. I don’t think there were any subtle truths hidden in the layers. For that matter, I don’t think there were a lot of layers. There was certainly a lot of “getting took” happening in Ep 57, ranging from the comical to the tragic. In general, I’d characterize this episode as the one where the other shoe dropped: McNulty’s (and Lester’s) charade is fully engaged, and the surge is working. Sort of.

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