Everything is connected: the other stuff

There’s no doubt what Ep 54 will be remembered for, and it is hard to get past what Marlo did to Prop Joe, but we need to look at all the other switches that flipped as well.

It’s at these moments I hate On Demand, or at least not having On Demand, but I’ll stick my speculative neck out anyway, knowing that half of you already know whether it’s valid speculation or just mistaken crap.

So, let’s chew on some of the bigger chunks:

Marlo, Vondas, and the Greek: They definitely know his name, and it’s Not Joe. What does that mean though? What size “insurance policy” did he buy? Will they let him handle the whole shipment? That seems nuts to me but they are going to want their product moved, so what else can they do? Otherwise, they gotta learn some new names…

Speaking of product, I doubt the Fentanyl namecheck in the scene with McNulty and the ME dude was for nothing…

Message from the Universe to Marlo, from both Prop Joe and the sign behind the Greek:


The Coop: As noted in comments, Marlo taking over the coop seems as equally unlikely as Marlo singlehandedly putting the coop out of business. It’s also hard to imagine the coop members rising as one and fighting Marlo, though with the cops spread as thin as they are, it might not draw as much attention as one might think.

Prop Joe’s operation: it seems obvious Cheese is now in Marlo’s pocket. Whether or not they let him live, however, that’s another question. His only value to Marlo now is as a soldier and given the coming showdown with Omar, that may extend his life some.

That leaves Slim Charles as a man without a country— I can’t see him going over to Marlo, or even cooperating with him. Remember, the ep is about transitions and the visual language of the scene with Slim and Omar—the long hall, the exit sign, Slim slumped in a corner— suggests to me that Slim is a man who’s seriously thinking that he’s too damn old for this kind of shit.

City Hall: Damn, talk about some ruthless motherfuckers. So Carcetti gets Burrell’s head but I think the game went to Nerese and The Ministers (sorry, that always sounds like a band name to me). It was what, two eps ago? that we saw Campbell exposed on the front page of the paper but nothing in this episode belied any vulnerability. She gets her development deal and the dirt on Daniels, the ministers all get their pieces, Burrell loses face but gets a mighty cushy net to break his fall.

As the Clay Davis investigation builds to a climax, I’m thinking we are about to see Bond’s ambition somehow sabotage all of Ronnie and Lester’s hard work. That certainly seems to be what’s being telegraphed anyway. Think happy thoughts if you will but my gut tells me Clay and the devil made a deal at the crosswords some dark night long ago and he’s just never going down for his shit.


Cop Shop: Daniels is in deputy ops limbo for a while, unaware his balls are in Campbell’s handbag, and Carcetti gets Rawls in the driver’s seat of his PD, and we know what kind of damage that vindictive asshole Rawls can do, even in a short amount of time. I might bet on a Rawls/Campbell alliance to capsize Daniels or more likely, one of them trying to manipulate the other to some end.

It seems obvious that McNulty and Lester’s ruse is about to pay off. It will be interesting to see how they attempt to simultaneously look busy tracking a serial killer and getting back up on Marlo’s crew and who all will be in on the secret by the time the series ends. Our first shot of Lester this week showed him mulling over surveillance photos while Sydnor dutifully pawed through the financial data from Clay Davis. Did he know what Lester was doing? Did he notice?

Wondering also what to make of the scene with Bunk covering his ass to Landesman for the 14 cases still open pending lab work. Poor Bunk, the events of this season have to represent a crisis of faith for him. We know why he would be concerned about that many open cases on his head but why show us? What’s going to be the payoff for this set up?

The Sun: I assume the point of Templeton’s WaPo tryout was to set up his motivation for what happens when the serial killer story breaks. We know from the shots of newspapers in the title sequence that a reporter— it appears to be Templeton —will be contacted by “the killer,” ie, manipulated by Lester/McNulty to gin up publicity in order to pressure the city for resources. Based on those same teaser shots, we see that Alma and Templeton are both working on the serial killer story. Why does Templeton get this story when Alma was just annointed as the new “senior cop reporter?”


Omar/Marlo war: Forecast calls for blood, blood and more blood. Marlo’s got a lot on his plate, with the coop, the shipment, and Omar. What a go-getter, huh? They can’t both survive, that seems obvious. Omar’s outnumbered but Marlo has more enemies at this point.

Also from 54:

Carver: likely to be eating shit from below and above over Colichio

The Colichio incident: possibly more of a problem for Carcetti than anyone

Herc: comments on Ray’s post. I’m putting Herc in the dead pool.

Levy: Now that Levy is tied to Marlo’s money, could Herc’s redemption come from dropping the dime on Levy? Would that even matter? Like Davis, it seems he will survive anything. Would Levy actually put a hit on Herc?

Beadie/McNulty: Still hoping Amy Ryan gets more to do

Kima reconnecting with Elijah: “Been a long time since I built a house.”

Michael’s mom: Dead pool