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OK, I know that nobody will believe it, but as a young consultant, I used to subscribe to GQ.  I wore double breasted Hugo Boss suits with Hermes ties and Bally shoes.  Now, my wardrobe consists mainly of hockey jerseys, hoodies, and Hawai’ian shirts with high tops.  I love tenure.

Anyway, I was reminiscing a bit when I saw this month’s Men’s Vogue.  Sho nuff, an article about The Wire.  Don’t read the article because a) it doesn’t have that much news but b) it does have spoilers. 

However, there is a nice pictorial, with Mr. McNulty, Bubbles, and Omar.  Something about seeing Bubbles in a $1200 coat over a $3800 suit that is a bit unsettling.  Not as unsettling as seeing how damn good Omar looks.  He makes that purple scarf work, baby.



  1. I’m not digging McNulty’s quilted suit thing, but Omar … mrowr.


  2. Now that the production’s wrapped, the producers should auction off the props and wardrobe for Baltimore charities. I’d pay top dollar for a handful of the Polaroids the makeup artists surely used to keep Andre Royo’s skin lesions and dental problems consistent from day to day. It would make a nice framed photo collage.

  3. And yeah, that quilted jacket, plus the close haircut, makes Dominic West look positively…British.

  4. The only thing funnier than seeing an interview with Dominic West where he speaks in his full blown British accent is seeing an interview with Idris Elba where he speaks in his full blown British accent. And the only funnier thing than that is seeing an interview with Aiden Gillen where he speaks in his full blown Irish accent.

  5. Auction? I want the red had that Bubbles uses for C.I. fashion photo days.

  6. Not so much in 54, but in 53 especially, and some in 52, Dominic West’s accent was creeping in on the edge of McNulty’s speech much more than usual. Maybe because he’s been playing drunk so much.

  7. I want Bubs shopping cart to use to carry beads and such in my Mardi Gras krewe. And I want the picture of Cole. And one of Lester’s miniatures. And a bottle of Jameson. And Bug’s batman cowl for my kids. And the police report that McNutty shows Avon with String as the informant. And…

  8. Oh, what the hell. I just want some time in the sack with Deirdre Lovejoy.

  9. Beadie feels dissed. Way to go, Ray.

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